Friday, December 19, 2008

Pssst, Over Here

Alright, I know I said I would be blogging again. Turns out that's true, just not here. I mean I tried, it's just that when I fired up the old blogging machine, all that came out was angry bile directed at Sarah Palin, so I quit again.

Fortunately, my friend Hammer Flanagan wouldn't let me stay quit, and he won't let me write about Sarah Palin (unless it's really funny).

Go on over there and read what me and the rest of the knuckleheads have to say. Sometimes it's actually good.

Link to Hammer Flanagan Website
Link straight to the HammerBlog

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hammer Flanagan The Zombie Movie

We here at Kicked Puppies loves Hammer Flanagan, and not just cause he's a friend of ours.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


the Idiot loves the Somali pirates who took a Ukrainian ship full of tanks and other weapons. If you're gonna go, go big.

I don't think it's gonna go well for them in the end tho.

Garr, and blast ye scurvy lubber souls.

That's How I Roll

I may well work at the uncoolest place on Earth. Nuf said there, but today I did get a little bright spot when I walked into the employee restroom.

Well, a little back story first
Yesterday I walked into the employee restroom, first thing in the morning, and found a HUGE unflushed turd floating there.
Now, in my coworkers defense, they had tried to flush. I'm not Gil Grissom, but I was able to piece that much together from visible evidence.
From the looks of the racing stripes around the bowl, there had been a fierce struggle and the big boy I was looking at had refused to go down. I dispatched it with a flush and went onto my business, resolved once again, to go have another talk with as soon as I was out of the potty.

Today, nothing so dramatic was awaiting me, but I did happen to notice for the first time (yes, I've been working here for roughly five years- I already fessed up that I'm not Gil Grissom), that the toilet paper dispenser says "ROLLMASTA"

A closer inspection revealed that that it's actually ROLLMASTR, which is not nearly as cool, but hey, it made me smile. That's just how I roll.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama Sign TV; You too will be addicted

A story in the WSJ tipped the Mrs. to this story about a kid whose Obama sign kept getting ripped off so he put up a home made sign and a web cam to keep an eye on it. Now he's got a following. Subsequent hijinks ensued. Go read it, then watch the sign with the rest of us. Here's the original site where you can see all the CHAOS chat. (Citizens Hanging Around the Obama Sign)

Video streaming by Ustream

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ok, I'm back for real this time

I came back here today.
I was checkin on my lists of beers I'd tried.
I nearly crapped my pants to find comments waiting for me.
I was so touched, that
like Ozzy Osbourne, I'm back for another tour.

Stay tuned for more hilarity. In the meantime though, enjoy my latest video blog effort;
just click here to see it.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Comeback, of sorts.

Ok, so I'm reviving the blog with the hope of becoming one of them fabulously celebrated bloggists you read about on the internets. I will have money, fame, power, glory and, like Artie Lange, someone to load songs on my iPod.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Post #341

This is the 341st post on Kicked Puppies. That's significant.

You see, 3+4+1=8

8 is the number of my favorite Red Sox player, Carl Yastrzemski.

Crush is the 8th song on the Dave Matthews Band album Before these Crowded Streets. It's a good song.

Also, significantly, 3+4=7
Combine that with the number left over from 341 and you have 71. In 1971 Led Zeppelin IV came out and Tupac Shakur was born.

What does all this mean? I don't know.
Happy 341st post, kicked puppies.

oh, did I mention its actual significance?
I think it will probably be the last post here on the old blog.

The Idiot has kept this up far longer than he ever dreamed he might way back when he started this silliness. It has been a lot of fun, but coming up with something to say day in and day out has been far too much like work.

For those blog artistes who I've come to read and enjoy, fear not, I'll still be around, and my idiotblogger e-mail address still works. E-mail me.

It's been real, it's been fun, it's been real fun.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Beers # 52-77

It's been a while since I've updated my beer list, mostly because I haven't been drinking much, and the beers I've been drinking are already on the list. For those of you who are new here, I'm trying to drink a million different varieties of beer before I die....
Why? Because I'm an easy mark for people armed with peer pressure.

Read the original post here. Read about beers 1-10, beers 11-22 here, beers 23-36 here, and beers 37-51 here

52. Ravell from Magic Hat- This beer is available only at their brewery and a friend brought me back a growler of it. This beer absolutely dispelled any question I had that the people at Magic Hat might not know what they're doing. This is a heavy beer with a vanilla flavor and I'm a big big fan.

53. Rosie Red Bitter- This was brewed by a friend of mine. I think it's only his third batch of beer but it was remarkably complex. He used so many hops (3 infusions) that it's so dry and tart it makes your lips want to pucker, then, the malt kicks in an it finishes nicely. Well done, sir!

54. FestiveAle from Rogue- A Belgian saison ale, some ginger and other spices make this a fine sippin' brew. As I said a while ago, I tried Rogue beers a decade ago and wasn't impressed and now I can't get over how much I like a lot of their stuff.

55. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat- I got seriously hooked on this years ago, it was really the first beer that made me realize people could do cool and tasty things with beer.

56. Red Hook ESB- I have a chum who lives in Seattle and I drank a lot of Red Hook when I went out for his wedding. Good stuff. We were at their local brewery and I was hoping to try their Nitro, which they were out of, but the ESB was a fine substitute.

57. JW Dundee's Honey Brown Lager- Friends of ours took us out to dinner a while ago and the husband came back from the bar with a giant schooner of what I think was Honey Brown. If it wasn'y it's ok, because I consumed somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 gallons of this stuff at Cincinnati Reds games over the years. Very smooth, very drinkable, very good beer.

58. Anchor Steam- This is one of my all time favorite beers. I also like that it goes with anything and any with any temperature or activity. It's light and crispy enough to taste great on a hot day and heavy enough to appeal on a winter day. Those San Fariscans really found a good thing when they cooked up the first batches of this stuff.

59. Kona Brewing Co. Fire Rock Pale Ale- I keep finding myself writing "I don't like Pale Ales, but I like this one" so it might be that I actually like Pale Ales. This is a good one from a brewery that we actually visited in Hawaii a couple of years ago. It's not too hoppy, crisp and smooth.

60. Kona Brewing Co. Longboard Lager-This is a good beer, not a great beer. It's flavorful but very smooth. I think it's a little pricey for what it is, though I'm sure they sell a lot of it in Hawaii to the tourists, and to those of us who come back from our trips and want a little of that Hawaiian vibe.

61. Magic Hat Blind Faith- A perfectly respectable Pale Ale. If I'm not careful I might start liking Magic Hat beers, based almost entirely on the strength of their Revell.

62. Unibroue Cranberry Ephemere- Not as tart as a lambic, but still a nice beer. It's like Sam Adams Cherry Wheat only with cranberries.

63. Milly's Tavern Brown Noser Brown Ale- By the time I got to this one it was pretty late in the evening and I honestly don't remember anything about it, other than the fact that the tap had a fake nose on it with a brown tip.

64. Milly's Tavern Oatmeal Stout- A perfectly respectable oatmeal stout. The bartender said it was an imperial stout, but I think he was fulla crap. As an oatmeal stout, it was delicious, as an imperial stout there would be a problem.

65. Smuttynose Farmhouse Ale -A saison that was very good, from their big beer series, (though I had it on tap). I like Smuttynose beers, I'm trying to get them back to the top of my list after unfortunate yeast incidents with some of their beers.

66. Smuttynose Barley Wine '06- I had a bottle of this stuff in '05, but since this is a new batch and I had it on tap, I'm counting it again. Their barleywine in excellent.

67. Rogue Old Crustacean Barley Wine- Excellent stuff. I'm really getting to be a big fan of Rogue Beers.

68. Franconia Notch Mountain Stout- The bartender said that either the company is no longer in business or they've stopped brewing this particular brew. Either way it's a shame, because this was a delicious stout with a lot of chocolate in the flavor.

69. Moat Mountain Hoffman Weiss- Very sweet and tasting of bananas. I had a sampler of this and then went with the bartendress's suggestion of turning it into a black and tan.

70. Hoffman Weiss/ Guinness Black and Tan- Yeah, I know, it is a little cheesey to count this as a separate beer, but it's my list so piss off. The two were a good match, by the way, though I was more focused on getting my ass kicked at darts than the beer at that point in the night.

71. Harpoon Summer Beer- This is a good beer, though I have almost no recollection of anything special about this particular glass of the stuff after the barley wines mentioned earlier.

72. Unibroue Maudite- Very high in alcohol but still tasty. This is a beer you want to be prepared for, it's not light and crisp- it's heavy and sweet.

73. Rogue American Amber- An excellent beer that goes down smooth, maybe a little too smooth considering the price. Maybe it would be better if this beer weren't so good, then it could sit in the fridge undrunken, and I'd save money. Does that make sense?

74. Rogue Dead Guy Ale- See the note for #73 above. Rogue makes good beers.

75. Blue Moon Belgian White Beer- We bought a twelve of this for a friend that was visiting. I like "whit beer," though I like the hard to find Celis version of the style better. This is a nice beer, especially in hot weather.

76. Geary's Summer Ale- I drank several of these yesterday thanks to a cousin who brought them to the Memorial Day celbration. It's nice to have family who have good taste in beer.

77. Geary's Hampshire Special Ale- I had such a good time with the Summer Ale, I had a Hampshire Special Ale when I got home. These are quite good, though the high alcohol content shows up in the taste.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

NASA doesn't care who you call

Mrs. Idiot and I had a heated argument because I was pretty sure that NASA was collecting a database of phone numbers that we call. Yes, now I know it was the NSA, not NASA, but let me tell you, for a while I was pretty scared.

I mean, imagine what NASA could do with our phone numbers!? They could beam my number out into space and I'd have telemarketers from other planets calling trying to sell me subscriptions to The Beteulguese Times and accident policies against phaser mishaps. I was quite relieved when Mrs. Idiot showed me article after article that confirm it's the NSA.

Being diligent, I went out and researched the NSA, wanting to make sure that they won't sell my phone number to aliens. I found the following site that I think you'll like, especially if you have any questions you'd like to ask of the NSA.