Wednesday, October 01, 2008

That's How I Roll

I may well work at the uncoolest place on Earth. Nuf said there, but today I did get a little bright spot when I walked into the employee restroom.

Well, a little back story first
Yesterday I walked into the employee restroom, first thing in the morning, and found a HUGE unflushed turd floating there.
Now, in my coworkers defense, they had tried to flush. I'm not Gil Grissom, but I was able to piece that much together from visible evidence.
From the looks of the racing stripes around the bowl, there had been a fierce struggle and the big boy I was looking at had refused to go down. I dispatched it with a flush and went onto my business, resolved once again, to go have another talk with as soon as I was out of the potty.

Today, nothing so dramatic was awaiting me, but I did happen to notice for the first time (yes, I've been working here for roughly five years- I already fessed up that I'm not Gil Grissom), that the toilet paper dispenser says "ROLLMASTA"

A closer inspection revealed that that it's actually ROLLMASTR, which is not nearly as cool, but hey, it made me smile. That's just how I roll.

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