Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pickled Hanni

One of my favorite Bloggers, Hanni, is having a contest. She started with a list of drinks, and each week she lets us vote one off, just like American Idol. She will drink whatever we finally vote on at an American Idol finale party and post pictures of all the stupid things she does.

As I'm all in favor of drunken stupidity, here's a link to her voting thingy.
Get Hänni Wasted

Personally, I'm pushing for the Lobster Drink because it sounds more alcoholly than the others, which could lead to both freak dancing and vomiting. Cast your vote today!

1 comment:

Hänni said...

Hurray for drunken stupidity.

I am glad to know you will be participating on May 24th (albeit in a modified method as you refuse to watch American Idol).