Monday, May 22, 2006

Quick, Go Vote Now!

My Blogger friend Hanni is having a contest to decide what she'll drink while watching the American Idol Finale. Foolishly, I've agreed to drink it too, Chez Idiot. I'm rooting for the Lobster Drink, and right now the vote is a tie. Go vote for the lobstah, on the right side of her webpage. Voting ends tonight, so do it now!


lime said...

i dont even know what the heck those drinks are! lol

Hänni said...

Hey idiot, glad to see you campaigning for the countdown.

Lime, the ingrediants of the drinks can be found by clicking on "Click for ingredient list" that's located right underneath the poll header

Hänni said...

CONGRATS - your drink won by a single vote.

We're tipping em back tomorrow!