Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Here there be Lions

Yahoo! News Today had a story from the AP Wire about a 90 year old lady, Mildred Luce, who rescued her cat from a bobcat.

WYMAN TOWNSHIP, Maine - A 90-year-old woman grabbed a bobcat by the tail to free her beloved pet cat from the wildcat's mouth. Mildred Luce, who lives alone, said the action began one recent day when she looked outside her window and saw the bobcat lying on its side with the head of her 20-year-old cat, Smudge, in its mouth.

Luce ran out the door, grabbed an aluminum snow shovel and pushed it down on the bobcat's neck. But it held on tight.

"Then I took hold of its head with my hand and pulled on its tail, and Smudge popped out," she said.

Smudge hightailed into the house with the bobcat hot on her heels. Once inside, the wildcat calmed down and appeared more bewildered than aggressive, Luce said, wandering from room to room before walking into the bathroom.

"I had no fear of it — I was just interested in saving Smudge," she said.

A neighbor came over and helped hold the cat in the bathroom until a game warden arrived and killed the bobcat to test it for rabies. Did we mention that Mildred is 90 years old? Did we mention that Smudge is 20 years old? This Village Idiot might have had presence of mind enough to take a picture of the beast eating my cat, but never would have ventured forth on a rescue mission. Back to back episodes of Law and Order is about as much excitement as the residents of Chez Idiot can stand, so hopefully our pets know that when they cross the door’s threshold and enter the wilds of New England they are a) in play and b) on their freakin’ own.

This picture isn’t of a bobcat, it’s of a mountain lion, and the picture was supposedly taken from the back door of a Southern Maine home. Eek!

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