Tuesday, April 05, 2005

This Headline Scared Me

I apologize to any readers who were eagerly (anxiously?) awaiting the publication of my campaign platform in my bid to become King of the World. I'm still working on the details. Ok, actually, I haven't started on it yet.

The Pope died, which means I actually had to do some research on all things Papal, because the Pope and all the things Papal was a pretty hot topic. After many many hours of research, it turns out that:

-Yes, the Pope in fact was Catholic.
-None of the Papal Wonks who are making lists of possible successors has me even in the top ten!

In the course of my in-depth research, I came across the following poorly-phrased headline on Yahoo!


It turns out that when they said "moved" they didn't mean it moved by itself, which would either be creepy or a miracle or both.

I'll be back soon with that campaign platform, I promise.

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