Sunday, July 10, 2005

La Salsa De Tomate

I was reading the ketchup bottle the other day, (yes, it got a little slow around here) and the label informed me that in Spanish, ketchup is La Salsa de Tomate. How does one order Salsa, then? What about the dance that's called the Salsa? The music? What if I innocently order ketchup and the burly waiter thinks I'm asking him to dance and beats me to a pulp? This is why there hasn't been a Spanish speaking world power since the Armada went down.

As interesting as all that is, though, I'm actually logging in to inform my loyal readers that I will not be posting anything this week to protest my campaign's treatment by the national press. I've been running for King for like three months now and haven't gotten a single headline anywhere. It's just wrong. To protest the fact that Paris Hilton's dog has a better shot of becoming King, I'm starting a week-long media boycott here at Chez Idiot. One solid week of no phone, no lights, no motorcar, not a single luxury, like David Caruso, primitive as can be. Join us here next week my friend, I'll be back and ready to kick this campaign into high gear.


Chuck said...

In the spirit of "summer re-runs", I would encourage new visitors to this blog to peruse the past posts. There is some real funny stuff in there. I suspect this media boycott will be a turning point in the VI's campaign to be King.

The Village Idiot said...

why, thank you chuck!

RedWolf said...

I love the musing on ketchup and salsa dancing! Very amusing!!!