Monday, June 20, 2005

Summer In The Granite State

Go ahead and mark the date. June 19th, 2005, the day summer hit the Granite State. Until now it has been rainy, drizzly, cold, and crappy with one brief three day intermission of searing heat.

So, now that summer is here and grillin' season is upon us, I won't be "blogging" nearly as much as you're used to. Indeed, I'll be out there manning the grill.

An actual photo of actual ribs I actually grilled for actual guests last week.

Or, I'll be out there in the Granite State meeting celebs. On Saturday, the Idiot familiy packed me into the car and took me to a bookstore where I got to meet Robert B. Parker, author of the Spenser series. I'm a big fan and was more or less rendered dumb in Mr. Parker's presence. Fortunately, Mrs. Village Idiot was able to translate my jibbers, jabbers and grunts into sentences of English for him.

An actual photo of an actual author that I actually met last weekend.

There's also the chance I'll be out exploring the magnificent natural resources and fun family events the Granite State has to offer. Last weekend, for example, I fired up the Harley and drove it up to the motorcycle rally in Laconia. This quaint New England tradition involves tens of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts, tens of thousands of gallons of alcohol, and tens of thousands of motorcycles. Needless to say, I expect to make Laconia an annual part of my summer. Nothing says summer quite like a week's worth of scantily clad biker chicks.

An actual photo of... well you know. The poor gal on the left should have used a better sunscreen.

So there you have it. I'm going to try and post things at least once a week throughout the summer, probably by Wednesday of each week. Check in with Kicked Puppies from time to time to hear about the Idiot's latest adventures, or, now that the weather has turned, come for a visit!


Anonymous said...

Ugliest frickin ribs I ever did see...they look like giant red turds.

Badaunt said...

Here summer is a good time to stay inside. Outside is heat, humidity, more humidity, and mosquitoes.

But it hasn't arrived, quite, yet. And the rainy season is STILL on hold. Did I overdo thing, do you think?

The Village Idiot said...

Badaunt, I'm just glad that you stopped whatever you were doing that was causing us to get all that rain.

Anonymous, if you're pooping out anything that looks like those ribs, see a doctor immediately.

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