Friday, June 10, 2005

This was NOT an accident...

People who've been reading this blog for a while might remember that I had a problem with my cat chewing on my toothbrush not too long ago. My cat was troublesome, these cats are criminal:

Cats use fax as toilet, spark house fire
TOKYO (Reuters) - Two kittens picked the wrong place to relieve themselves when they urinated on a fax machine, sparking a fire that extensively damaged their Japanese owner's house.

People, I think we've just seen the first salvo in the animal revolution.

Meanwhile, my cat spent the morning with a small piece of duct tape stuck to his foot. He hopped and spun and had several little jimmy-leg fits before I was able to (wanted to) relieve him of his accoutrement. If he's figured out how to access internet news, and it wouldn't surpise me a bit to know that he has, he's probably read about the Tokyo incident and is looking around the house and drinking a lot of water.


dorna! said...

Hmmm, maybe they needed to re-decorate? Had a kitten annoint a printer once. Only once. Found him a real nice home after that.

Bill said...

Someone gave us a kitten which was sleeping on our bed. Our other cat got jealous and took a dump in front of our fan. The smell woke us up, after cleaning that up, I went back to bed. Since we didn't take the hint and get rid of the kitten the cat jumped up on me and peed...the kitten was gone the next day.

FunkyB said...

Thanks for commenting on my guest post over at Searchin' For a Rainbow! You're pretty funny yourself!

My ex used to put duct tape on the cat's tail or paws for entertainment. I would have to (eventually) relieve him of his torture (the cat, not the ex.)

Badaunt said...

I showed this story to a friend yesterday, and she was aghast. "How did my cat get from Osaka to Tokyo without me noticing?" she asked.

She had a real problem with that cat for a while after she moved house. It didn't like the new house at first.

Bare Rump said...

Darling, I've seen your earthling animals, and they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to intellect. Then again, that applies to you humans, too.

I am in such a bitchy mood tonight!


CPT PYRO said...

Cats are spiteful, evil little creatures