Tuesday, June 28, 2005

If He Didn't Laugh, He'd Cry

Read this story, it will make you feel much better about your luck:

Laughing crook scolded by Penticton judge; packed off to jail

PENTICTON, B.C. (CP) - A man who admitted to armed robbery couldn't
stop giggling in provincial court Wednesday, but it was the justice system
that got the last laugh.
"Stop smiling, it's not funny," Judge Gail Sinclair told Cole Smith. "I
wouldn't be smiling if I was going to prison for two years." Smith, 18,
pleaded guilty to nine counts, including shoplifting.

Ok: here's the bad luck part:

One of the charges was from an armed robbery that was thwarted when he
was locked in the store.

Here's the other bad luck part:

Another time a false name he gave an officer had a warrant out under
that name, so he was arrested anyway.

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