Saturday, March 26, 2005

Duke Chaps My Ass Again

I've hated Duke since 1992, the year they beat Kentucky with that last second shot by Christian Laettner. Actually, hate is too strong a word. I hate the Yankees. I hate the Lakers. I guess I merely dislike Duke. Last night I was actually pulling for them because a win could have helped my bid to win the office pool. Of course, they lost. Krzyzewski makes Bob Knight look like an amateur when it comes to screwing up my brackets. How the hell does Krzyzewski wind up being pronounced Cha-Cheff-ski?

New Logo for Duke?

Some more thoughts on the tournament:
-Taquan Dean- For those of you not up on the hoops scene, this guy plays for Louisville and his name is pronounced Tie-Kwan, as in Tie-Kwan Doe, except it's Tie-kwan Dean. It's like what you'd call the head of the school's martial arts department. He's got the best name in the tournament.

-Taste Loss- These commercials might be funny if they'd show them once a week, said my wife. I'm thinking she's a little optimistic there.

-How the hell is Krzyzewski pronounced Cha-Cheff-ski?

-I can't believe how much Wisconsin's Kammron Taylor looks like Chris Rock.

Kammron Taylor

-The Zoom Zoom Zoom Ringtone Guy- You all know these commercials. Schleppy Guy works for company A but actually has a thing for the "Zoom Zoom Zoom" company. (Mazda?) The ninja I hired to take out the guy from the enterprise rent-a-car company really needs to visit this freak too.

-Cialis- Actually, these ads are pretty inocuous and run infrequently enough that I don't mind them. I just want to point out that whoever wrote the bit about the side effects is an absolute genius: "Erections that last four hours or more, though rare, blah blah blah..." You know they've got scientists working on more side-effects like this one.

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Anonymous said...

Kammron Taylor does look a lot like Chris Rock. But that's not a pic of Kammron. That's a pic of Chris. If you look for pics of Kammron in Google, you'll see that they don't quite look THAT much alike.