Monday, March 28, 2005

That darned cat...

LONDON (Reuters) - The owners of a cat trapped for a week in the home of a vacationing neighbor have been pushing ice cubes and cat food through the letter box to keep their pet -- named Lucky -- alive.

We went on vacation for a week a couple of years ago and returned to find that our cats were not turning up. We used to leave them outside with a pile of food in the garage, and when we got back from vacation there they were, usually, waiting, mad as hell. This one time, however, we returned, a couple of days passed, and there were still no cats. A couple of days after that, our youngest child happened to spot one of them sitting in the front window of the house next to ours. We investigated, found the back door unlocked, and let them out.

The house was empty, and apparently the wind had blown the back door open. The cats went in, and another neighbor had thoughfully closed the door, unaware that the idiot brothers were inside. I guess maybe there is something to the whole curiosity killed the cat thing, eh?

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