Thursday, March 31, 2005

Geeking with Survivor

Tonight on Survivor, it looks like they're gonna catch a shark. Just as long as Survivor doesn't jump the shark by replacing Jeff Probst with Ted McGinley, I'm ok with that. It's a great show.

I overdosed on television as a kid and as a result didn't watch much tv for several years. (Sports doesn't count as "watching tv" by the way). I caught an episode of Survivor in its first year, and I was hooked. I've seen most of the episodes since. In honor of this season being the best season in a while, here's the first in what could be a series of discussions of Survivor topics.

My favorite Survivor People: Part 1.

Rupert Boneham is definitely on the list. I'm not organized enough to make an actual list because that would involve thought and stuff like thought, so I'll just say he's on the list somewhere near the top. We first met him when he was stealing the other tribe's shoes. He immediately rocked and he kept on rocking. He was in Survivor Pearl Islands and All-Stars. He was voted a million bucks by the audience.

Big Tom and Boston Rob. Big Tom was on the show in Africa and Rob was from Marquesas. I hated Rob and his fake cocky Boston act, but he's grown on me, especially for his performance on The Amazing Race. Big Tom made kind of an ass of himself on the All-stars show, but it made for good tv. They seem like guys the Village Idiot could spend some beer time with.

Ami Cusack from Survivor Vanuatu makes the list simply because she's so frickin hot. I know, I know, she's nice and smart and all that too, but she's also hot. (yes, we here at KickedPuppies know that she's gay. She's still hot).


Gotta go, Survivor's almost on.

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