Friday, March 11, 2005

Let's Play "What's Michael Thinking?"!

On retrospect, I missed most of the trials of the various centuries in which I lived.

I only caught snippets of the original OJ trial. I didn't see any of the trials about the Rodney King beatings. I simply didn't get why we were supposed to be so caught up in the Scott Peterson trial. The new one, though, the Michael Jackson trial, caught my attention yesterday.

Apparently the guy showed up to court wearing pajamas. That's right, pajamas. He was also late.

Great legal minds like mine might think that his defense lawyers were carefully crafting an insanity defense already and instructed him to wear a pair of pajamas to court. I immediately figured that there's a chance that on Monday they'll have him come dressed in a gorilla suit. A little further reading and I saw a flaw in my line of thinking: the judge was pretty peeved by the whole thing. The dozens of episodes of Law and Order I've seen tend to indicate that ticking off the judge is a bad defense strategy, so I don't think that was the plan.

One of news sources showed three of Jackson's lawyers standing around waiting for him to arrive, they looked peeved too. Further evidence that mine is no keen legal mind. Maybe Michael forgot he was on trial and slept in?

Because I'm too cheap to pay for real pictures, here's an artist's rendering of Michael Jackson arriving in court in his pjs.

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