Wednesday, March 16, 2005 the hobgoblin of little minds

Among the assorted rubbish and rumination in my mind is this absolute gem. My eldest this morning wondered aloud why we say “penny for your thoughts” but when we speak our mind we say we’re “putting our two cents worth in”. Brilliant child. Missed the bus this very same morning, which was not a problem as it gives me someone to share my daily Dunkin’ Donuts experience with.

March Madness starts this week and I can’t wait. If the brackets shake out at all like I think they will, then there will be some great games coming up. Cincinnati and Kentucky should be a good one right off the bat. I picked Utah to cause problems and be the upset team. Hopefully that will play out, though I would like to see Kentucky go further than I have them going. The team I really want to do well is Vermont, who I have winning a couple of rounds. I dragged some people to watch them play against UNH earlier this year. Since they had him double-teamed for most of the game and even triple teamed at times, Taylor Coppenrath didn’t dominate, but it was still impressive to watch him play. I think he still managed to score 15 or so and grab maybe 8 boards.

We moved to Cincinnati and the Reds won the World Series that year. We moved to New England this year and the Red Sox won the series. My wife pointed that out to one of our friends. “Where you gonna move to get his fantasy team to win?” was his question. For me, Fantasy Baseball will begin next week with my league drafting on the 27th. I look forward to this season with my usual goal of finishing anywhere except last place.

Last night’s episode of The Amazing Race was up to its usual high standards. I love the fact that all of the teams are obsessed with beating Rob and Amber and I can’t believe that Rob was able to plot and scheme a way out of completing a challenge without any major ramifications. When he was first on Survivor I disliked him a lot. On Survivor All-stars I disliked him a little less simply because he played so well, and now he has just plain grown on me. He and Amber make a good team, though a seemingly odd couple.

Finally, for now anyhow, I offer a link to Rosie O’Donnell’s Blog. I found it through USA Today’s Hot List and absolutely love it. Her blog reads like a cool beatnik poem (while mine, in my humble but correct opinion, reads like the journal of the world’s most boring person). The coolest thing is that she’s doing it and sharing it with idiots like me. Thanks Rosie.

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