Monday, September 12, 2005

Gentle Fudge Indeed

This story is so awesome I'm just copying and pasting from Yahoo News.

LONDON - Horatio Hornblower is an odd name, but consider his siblings: Azubia, Constantia, Jecoliah, Jedidah, Jerusha and Erastus.

Rene Jackaman, archive assistant at Cornwall County Record Office, found all those names after coming across a real-life namesake of C.S. Forester's fictional naval hero in county census records. The Hornblower name has been on record for centuries.

Inspired by that discovery, staff and researchers at the Cornwall Record Office compiled a list of more than 1,000 unusual names found in censuses as well as in births, deaths and marriage records going back as far as the 16th century.

"My all-time favorites are Abraham Thunderwolff and Freke Dorothy Fluck Lane," she said.
Other discoveries included Boadicea Basher, Philadelphia Bunnyface, Faithful Cock, Susan Booze, Elizabeth Disco, Edward Evil, Fozzitt Bonds, Truth Bullock, Charity Chilly, Gentle Fudge, Obedience Ginger and Offspring Gurney.

Levi Jeans was married in Padstow, Cornwall, in 1797.

Other remarkable duos in the marriage records included Nicholas Bone and Priscilla Skin, joined in wedlock in 1636; Charles Swine and Jane Ham in 1711; John Mutton and Ann Veale in 1791, and Richard Dinner and Mary Cook in 1802


Lesser_Lumpkin said...

There are too many parents out there with too much time on their hands.

The Lumpy

Chuck said...

About 10 years ago, my parents got an invite to our Family Reunion. It was being organized by Aunt Hairylip, (identity cloaked to prevent anyone from stalking my aunt). At the end of the invitation there was a list of people who also received the invitation. It was initially interesting to me to read some of the names that our Family has married into over the years. Two that really stuck out to me, and that I'm not particularly proud to have in my lineage are: Cole-Porter and Bacon-Ham. Serious. Great Aunt Caroline Ham married a dude named Alfred Bacon. Why would she do that? Could she been unaware that their wedding invitation could easily have been confused with a diner breakfast menu? Having the Cole-Porter combo in the family makes me a little less skepticle of my ancestors but I now feel a bit cannabalistic at breakfast time.

Hänni said...

My mom works at the phone company and told me about a man who came in to start service. His name was Peter Allen Perfect. On the form he had to fill out, it was middle initial, last and first names - A. Perfect Peter

Also, i used to be a resident advisor, and I know for certain the bored housing staff sometimes do things like put 10 jessicas on one hall just for jollys. Housing folks like to put people with weird names together as roommates, like Melissa Cook and Jessica Childs,Steven Randy and Josh Butts, Eliz Hodgens and Hanni Horn (the hos).

Pacific College Mom said...

My mother used to go to school with a Harry Dick, poor guy! Just goes to show you that parents either don't use their heads when it comes to picking the identity that will follow a child (and possibly scar them) forever...

Or they have just amazingly screwed-up senses of humor...

Red Wolf said...

I went to high school with a guy named Scott Ott.

Badaunt said...

My grandfather, who worked in a bank, claimed that he once had to introduce Mr Salt to Mr Pepper.

The funniest introduction I ever had to do was to introduce Nigel to Nigel. This would not be so funny except that they were both very good looking young men and both had bizarrely squeaky voices. This meant that when they said,

"Hello Nigel. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, too, Nigel,"

and shook hands, perfectly seriously and politely, I almost collapsed with the strain of keeping a straight face.

You had to be there.