Sunday, September 11, 2005

That Magical Time of Year

Last year, during a game, Joe Namath was being interviewed by ESPN's Suzy Kolber as he stood on the sideline of a Jets game. Namath had had a few drinks and he confessed that he didn't really know or care how the Jets are doing, but he sure would like to kiss Suzy Kolber. I'm with Joe, and I haven't even had any drinks. NFL Football is back, which means that Suzy's back too.

Unlike most years, though, opening day hasn't been all grins and giggles here at the Chez.

The Idiot Family joined a "Last Man Standing" football pool. It's a very simple format; all you have to do is pick one team per week. If they win, you get to pick a team the following week, if they lose, your season is over. The only hard part is that you can't pick the same team to win twice.

Yep. You guessed it. I'm out.
The stupid 49ers, who won all of two games last year, had to pull an upset over the Rams. I hate the Rams, and only picked them because the 49ers were so horrible last year. Now I really hate the Rams. The only blue sky with regard to the pool is that the St. Louis-San Francisco game was the 4:00pm game. My brother-in-law's pick, (Carolina) lost in the 1:00pm game, so at least I wasn't the first member of the family to be bounced. To add insult to injury, my wife picked the frickin' Cincinnati Bengals, and she's still in.

All in all though, I'm happy as a clam because Football is back.
The Patriots won, my fantasy team won big, and both of the games on Fox today went down to the wire. On Saturday, Notre Dame won at Michigan, and Texas beat Ohio State in a prime time battle of the superpowers that went down to the final ticks of the clock. It's a great time of year. To add gravy to the whole thing, the Red Sox are still in first place. Ah, Fall.

I would like to note, for all the NFL Execs that read this blog, the Thursday night season opener is fine, but either skip the crappy pregame concerts, or start them at 7:00pm. Starting the game at 9:00pm eastern time is far too late to do any fans any good because most of us have to get up and go to work tired the next day. Next year give us a break, eh? Also, for any tv censors who read this, bleeping words from Rolling Stones songs was just silly. I mean, these guys are like older than grampa.

So there you have it sports fans. The Idiot is out of the pool, but he's still happy because football is back, and as we all know, when football returns, so does Suzy Kolber.


the VIBiL said...

Oh, the angst of the Mainers...

At least I lost on a last second field goal rather than in a rout.

fart on,
The Brother In Law

The Village Idiot said...


The 49ers won 28-25.

That's hardly a rout. In fact, if Marc Bulger weren't a turd, the Rams had plenty of time to tie it and win in OT, but Bulger threw a pick with like 50 seconds left....

In the Saints game, on the other hand, the announcers said in the second quarter that they thought NO would win that game...

Anonymous said...

Indeed, I was confusing it with the MIA/DEN (battle of the world's worst airports?) game that was broadcast here in L.A.

My mistake.


Jodes said...

Nice post!!! Adding you to my blog list!