Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ok, Now I'm Worried

The In-laws came to visit this weekend and we had a great time. I'm a little worried about what they must think, though. My mother-in-law has never read the blog, and she certainly didn't read the last two posts, yet nonetheless she brought me the following gift.

Can you identify it?

Here's the tag:

Yes, exactly, she brought me a spoon to get the farts out of beans. Of course I'm tickled to own such a device, but I'm a little worried about the image people have of me now.

During the course of the weekend, my father-in-law and I snuck into a Chili's for a beer. We also got some burgers, but we sat in the bar area, so what the heck, I'm counting it as Bar #12 out of 100. While there, my father-in-law, who has read my blog, suggested that I should try to have 100 different beers in 100 different bars this year. I like the way he thinks.

Bar #12- Chilis, Dover, NH
I had a Sam Adams summer ale and the Red Sox lost, but we had a good time and excellent burgers.

So, come on up and visit, all, you need not fear the beans anymore.


RedWolf said...

There's a restuarant called Old Chicago that has 110 different brews of beer. If you went there, you could go to one bar and have 100 bears. Another twist to your adventure.

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