Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gitcher Motor Runnin'

One year ago today I scribbled the very first post ever here at Kicked Puppies. To celebrate the anniversary of this momentous occasion, I stayed away from the computer as best I could.

And, since it was a beautiful day here in Idiotville, once I finished the chores I put the battery back in the Harley and took it for a spin, something I resolve to do a lot more than I did last summer... Maybe I'll start a "Kicked Puppies World Tour" to help get the word out about my campaign for king. (Yes, I know, it has been a while since I've worked on the campaign. I'm sure I'll get to it soon...)

So watch out, fair readers, I may be on the Harley on my way to your house right now as you read this... do you have enough beer?

Oh yeah, to celebrate having successfully survived a year of blogging, I might take a week or two off from it. Stay tuned, I'll let you know, or won't, depending on what I decide, or not, to do.

(Yes. As you can see, year 2 of Kicked Puppies is starting with all the fantastic planning that was a hallmark of year 1)


Jodes said...

hope to see you soon.

Justine said...

Mmmmmm, anytime baby!

Pacific College Mom said...

Commman to myyy house, to mmyyy house, I'm gonna make you chowda
!~~~ and candy (as true to the lyrics ~~~ yeah, I am actually butchering a song here!)
Dunno if this little hole in the wall town has enough beer for anyone, but I will keep the light on for ye'!!! Is that you in the pic?

Eternally curious


Pacific College Mom said...

I love Harleys! Makes me miss my own hog from the 80's... Had a revampted Meter Maid trike, with the back box converted into an ice chest. Needless to say I was really popular on runs...

Here's a toast to one year, and to the good ole'days!