Sunday, March 12, 2006

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Last night we were driving to a pizza place.
We had me and the Mrs.
Then there was the Teen and her Chum.
Then there was the Younger, and her Chum, and another Chum.
(Yes, it was a VERY long ride).

Anyhoo, The Younger's Posse discovered that the Teen's Chum likes a boy named Fred. The Younger's Chum started a chant while the other two yelled along
"Chummy and Freddie up in a tree... kay eye ess ess eye enn gee..."

at this point it's all just more of their loud noise to me, I can feel another new facial tic developing, and then, the Younger's Chum, having achieved maximum volume for her solo, belted out what she thought were the words:

"First comes drugs, then comes marriage..."

Now, upon reflection I guess I should inquire with her parents as to the exact combination of drugs that led to their marriage, because if Mr. Younger's Chum's Dad used chloroform to woo Mrs. Younger's Chum's Mom, then I guess the rest of us on the street should know about that.

Personally speaking, I like the new lyrics, though it is of course backwards because the marriage causes you to need the drugs, just as I needed a whole lotta beer when we finally arrived at the pizza place.


Leela Lamore said...

LMFAO ... I love the new lyrics good grief what has become of the youth of today ....

In my case first came wine, then came marriage *smile*.

So quite plausable *giggling*

Jodes said...

I love pizza.

lime said...

LOL, ain't love grand!!

Pacific College Mom said...

Ahhh, I can truly picture your little excursion! Does your little chum have relatives in Ca? I swear that I heard them on my last excursion with my young'ins...

There, now you can't say I don't post, cause if you go look, you will see that I took the time out of my Benedril-induced semi-coma to post something new.

I didn't say it was entertaining as yer posts!

Your devoted slave,