Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Leo Launches Shock and Awe

Responding to the jihad announced by Militant Cat Fluffy X, Leo the Neighbor's Cat has launched a bold new counter-offensive designed to shock and awe his feline enemy.

"I don't know about 'shock' or 'awe'," said a source known only as The Younger, "but when Fluffy saw Leo sitting at the back door waiting for him the other day I thought he might pee on the floor right then and there."

The Counter Offensive, it seems, relies heavily on a strategy of sitting at the back door of Fluffy X's residence. Un-named sources close to Fluffy X state that "the back door was really the only door that Fluffy would use because he was afraid that Leo might be lurking in the bushes near the front door. " A major facet of the plan also seems to involve sitting on the covered hot tub on the deck.

"Oh yeah," said the Younger, "that really got Fluffy worked up because he loves to sit his butt on that warm hot tub cover. If Leo takes that over, Fluffy will have nothing to do with going outside anymore."

At a subsequent hastily called press conference, Fluffy X demanded that Leo abandon his claim to the hot tub, which Fluffy repeatedly referred to as "The Grbac Strip of our time" and also as "The Left Bank." Reporters at the press conference allowed him to continue, but are certain that he meant "Gaza Strip" and "West Bank." The reporters used words such as "agitated," "shrill" and "Off his frickin' rocker" to describe Fluffy's demeanor.

While there was no immediate or official reaction from Leo the Neighbor Cat's Office, not long after the press conference broke up, reporters looked out the back door...


logo said...

Psychological torture, Max is awesome!

lime said...

are we certain the intelligence is reliable here?

Marti said...

OMG I think I "might pee on the floor right then and there."

The text already had me laughing out loud and then that al jazerrah picture - oh lord, I laughed so hard my sides ache!

Thank you for this fabulous post!

Pacific College Mom said...

I think you should have Buttercup leave Leo a skid missile...

Yeah, Jihad!

Hail Fluffy


Badaunt said...

Somebody needs to organize a peace conference. Either that, or Fluffy needs to think about satotaging the hot tub lid so that when Leo sits on it, it tips.