Sunday, March 26, 2006

Wow, Where Did That Week Go?

I can't believe it's Sunday already.

Another week has passed in which I had absolutely nothing funny to say or was too busy to come here and post something. I promise I'll try to do better in May, which is traditionally the funniest month of the year for a Scorpio. (Yes, I just made that up).

In my defense I've been very busy. Yesterday for example I rode on a big yellow school bus to see the Boston Symphony with the younger and her elementary school classmates and then came home and helped Mrs. Idiot prepare for some guests we had over for a lovely little dinner party. A good time was had by all at both events, but they would make dreadfully dull reading for y'all.

So, to be fair to my faithful readers who come here off and on looking for my usual output of dumb crap, I promise that for the month of April I'll post something every Sunday at the minimum. Should Mars align with Mercury in retrograde and reignite my sense of humor midweek, I'll post it up there as a bonus, but rest assured that if you come by on Mondays from now on, you'll have fresh Idiocy to read for the next month or so.

Rock On,
The Idiot


Wiccachicky said...

Time sure does fly when you have a life! ;o)

arnheim Lieber said... we would rely on an Idiot..what do you think we are idiots?
-aL a.k.a. toidi

lime said...

just so long as neptune isn't aligned with uranus i think we'll be ok. miss your frequent posts though.

Carolyn said...

That's good to hear about May and Scorpio's. I personally feel like my funny bone was broken sometime in February. MAYbe I, too, will get funny again in May ;)

Well, not "funny" funny, but you know...

Pacific College Mom said...

Ahhh, dear Idiot,
How could we find fault in someone who has been such an entertainer for the rest of us simpletons, and simply wanted to take it easy for a bit...
Not tooo long, though, OK!

Gotta have something to look forward to in life!!!


Jodes said...

yeah it sure does.

Jodes said...

hey it is HNT - where you at?