Monday, May 23, 2005

Building the Ark...

Here's the actual weather forecast for my area:

After all the rain we've had over the past couple of months, though, here's how most of us actually see it:

Actually, as a result of this lovely weather forecast and the fact that my Music Blog was spammed by those cheesey internet spam people, I've come up with a couple of important pieces of policy for when I'm King of the World:

1) Intentionally spamming people, whether it be through e-mail, message boards, blogs, newsgroups or whatever, is punishable by death.

2) All judges will sentence the convicted on Mondays, before noon.


Anne said...

I'll switch with you - we've had 99 degrees for the past 5 days.

Bobby Shattsboro said...

I today, just a few a little while ago left annie this amost the same message. I got here by 'be', please look at this site, and do as you wish.
read it, and form your opinion.

Badaunt said...

We are having WONDERFUL weather. HA HA HA.

(Sorry. It doesn't happen often here and I feel the need to gloat.)

drama mama said...

I'll switch too. It's 110 here! Yikes! I'd love to see a little rain!