Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Wally and Molly Up In a Tree...

This is a picture of Wally, a little green stuffed animal who sits in his own little adirondack chair and watches Red Sox games from the press booth. He's apparently part of the New England Sports Network broadcast team of Jerry "Rem-Dawg" Remy and Don Orsillo. One of the things I've loved most about moving back here is that the Red Sox are on television every day. Remy and Orsillo are a great team, and they've quickly become my second favorite baseball broadcast team (behind Jon Miller and Joe Morgan).

If you get a chance to watch a game on NESN and they show the broadcasters during the game, look between them. Wally is roughly the size of a beanie baby and his chair is made to fit, so you might not notice him at first. It took me several games to realize he was there. Though the broadcasters are probably sick of him, New England kooks have taken to him and send him scarves and hats and all kinds of crap.

What caught my eye the other day was that Wally was in his usual spot, but next to him was a splash of bright yellow hair. It looked as if there might be a love interest for Wally. Wurfing at work one day after that, I went to Jerry Remy's Website and sure enough, they've come up with a girlfriend for Wally. Her name is Molly.

On Rem-Dawg's website you can buy your own Wally, and your own Molly, and your own little adirondack chair for them. The picture that advertises Molly's arrival in the store, though, is a bit disturbing. Here it is, and like the picture of Phil Spector's hair, it didn't need any help from me. Personally, I think she may be a little bit fast for our young Wally. Not that he seems to mind.


Anonymous said...

Go Yankees!

The Village Idiot said...

Yankees? Now there's a good joke!

I think the Sox took two out of three from them this weekend. the middle game's score was 17-1.

Meanwhile, there's a rumor that the Yanks will buy Roger Clemens back from the Astros, it's estimated that each start he'd make for the rest of the year would cost them 11-15 million.

Thanks for making me smile, anonymous. Now that we've won a series again, those wacky NY Yankees just make me laugh with their silly hijinx.

Chuck said...

My fav announcer is a split between Bob Euker in the movie Major League and Marv Albert. But I'm a huge fan of Rem-Dawg and DO announcing Red Sox games.

Y.C. Tape said...

Behind every great man...uh, I mean, beanie baby?...is a great woman beanie baby....I mean beside....arrgh! You know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

A 3 game advantage in extremely early June....how many times have Sox choked on greater leads with less time? You know what's coming; and coming with near certainty.

1 time in 86 years does not a trend make.

Go Yankees!

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