Monday, May 16, 2005

News From The Top Shelf

The Idiot was a bit groggy this morning but was muddling through the day when the following headline created great confusion.

Rice Praises Creation of Iraqi Cabinet

At last," I thought, "happy news from the pantry!" Normally, the headlines from my kitchen are much less positive:
"Paprika Cites Years of Neglect"
"Study finds Sugar Containment Lacking"
"Dog Blamed in Cracker Mishap"
"Organized Crime Taskforce Investigates Barilla Dominance of Pasta Shelf"
"Strange Smell In Corner"
"Authorities Hunt for Cereal Killer" (my personal favorite)
"Oil, Vinegar Part Ways"

So I was the happy idiot, pleased that all was going well with life in the pantry when this headline popped up on Yahoo:

Rice Points Finger at Syria on Iraq Violence

Why can't we all just get along, and who knew rice had fingers?


the VIBiL said...

So rice can point fingers, the Idiot Music blog can point to the puppies blog....but puppies can't point at music.

I gues the puppies aren't retrievers or bloodhounds, eh?

That pesky brother-in-law

The Village Idiot said...

There's a link here somewhere that says "My Music Blog."


Clublint said...

I was right up on current events about rice and fingers till I came in here and read the comments.

Sigh I'll never understand pantry politics....