Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What I Learned from that Runaway Bride Lady

Many of you probably heard about the lady who was recently listed as missing or abducted but who turned up later as a Runaway Bride. It was pretty big news for a few days. It really hit home for me.

As a reult of her case, and more specifically, that deer-in-headlights picture of her that was all over the news, I'm planning on going to Glamour Shots this afternoon. Once I get a good picture of yours truly, I plan on telling everyone that knows me that there is an official picture of the Village Idiot to be distributed to the media should anything newsworthy befall me.

I can't imagine being the subject of a neationwide manhunt with my gawdawful driver's license picture up there on the tv screen, or something ripped out of an old high school yearbook. Jennifer Wilbanks was obviously not thinking ahead when she had whatever brainfart that led to her fifteen minutes of fame and scuttled away from the altar. The Village Idiot will be prepared with a color glossy headshot of his choosing.

Don't let this happen to you!


Y.C. Tape said...

Poor Jennifer...I am ready for her to dissolve into obscurity.....bless her heart. She obviously has issues. I should have done what she did with the! Far, far away!

The Villiage Idiot In-Law said...

From one of the best sources of amusing things I know, comes this wonderful link:


PS For those of that ain't hip, what's a "PF"?

Audrey said...

Thank you for coming by and commenting on my blog. :) I just have to say that every time I look at the picture of the runaway bride, my eyes get wider. Does this happen to you too? Just can't help it. Her eyes. ack!