Thursday, May 26, 2005

Have You Seen Phil Spector's Hair?

I'm not above the occasional Photoshop trickery with photographs, but a recent picture I saw of Phil Spector's hair really defies words, let alone photoshop manipulation.
Here it is:

Few mortals can pull off a 'fro of this magnitude

After I recovered my wits, it hit me. I knew I'd seen that 'do before;


pia said...

Once before he lost it Phil Spector was kinda cute, kinda

msdedi said...

beautiful comparison, he could use a bit more blue rinse, but overall pretty accurate

Badaunt said...

I have a friend who complains about frizz in the rainy season.

I'm going to send her this picture and tell her she's allowed to complain when her hair looks like THAT.

thordora said...

i was eating when that picture came up on TV.

Thankfully I can hemlich myself.