Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Frickin' Superbowl

Here's a picture of the true MVPs of Superbowl XL. There were several bad calls made in the game that I feel probably cost Seattle the game.

The Biggest Blown Calls of the Game:
1. Holding. A Seattle receiver catches the ball on the 3 yard line. Big momentum, game will go Seattle's way. Ref calls holding, ball goes back to line of scrimmage and then back ten more. (30 yards maybe?) Replay shows this idiot that there was no hold. Commentator John Madden also noticed no hold on the replay, and said so.

2. Block below the knee. Matt Hasselbeck throws an interception, (which I think was just two plays after the holding call above?) and tackles the guy who made the pick. Refs call him for blocking below the knee, so Pittsburgh gets the ball plus 15 yards. Totally deflates Seattle. Again, Madden and Michaels in the booth back me up by actually calling this a "bad call".

3. Offensive Pass Interference. Early in the game, Seattle scores a touchdown which is negated by a call of Offensive Pass Interference against the receiver. Ok, the receiver did push off to separate from the back, but there was contact on both sides throughout the route, and if the refs were going to call the game that closely, why didn't they call Pittsburgh for defensive pass interference on several instances, one in particular that sticks in my mind was a replay of a route that showed the receiver (Stevens maybe?) being physically held by a defender (Polamalu?) which caused even Madden to comment.

4. Roethlisberger's TD. That ball did NOT cross any part of the white line.

Ok, so it's just a game, and the Patriots weren't in it so I don't really care on any grand scale. I have a bunch of friends that are Steelers fans and its nice to see them win, but I did have a few friendly wagers out on the game and I really wanted to win them, especially the bet with Mrs. Idiot.

You see, my bet with her was that if the %$#@*& Steelers won, I'd have to go see the gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain. I really really don't want to see it, because I like cowboy movies and I don't want to think about Josey Wales and Rooster Cogburn snuggling up on the trail. Still, a bet is a bet and I lost. Ijust wish the refs hadn't lost it for me.

On the bright side, there were a few good commercials, (though I thought the overall quality was down from past years). The "Magic Fridge" Bud Light commercial was my favorite, and the Bud Light Grizzly commercial was my second favorite. The Fed Ex commercial with the cavemen was good, as was the commercial with the stadium holding up cards of a beer getting poured and then consumed.

Mick Jagger looks great, I can't believe he's really 105 year old. I also can't believe that ABC bleeped them twice (Once in "Start Me Up" and once in "Rough Justice"). It should be law that if you're in a rock band and you're old enough to be in AARP then you don't get bleeped.

So there you have it, another season over. I miss football already.


Jodes said...

yeah I thought the calls were bad too and seattle could have won. I was bummed. For the movie you have to see, I heard it was really good and tasteful with the gay stuff.

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Brokeback Mountain is a very good movie, though.

I agree, the Refs. blew that game!


lime said...

i cannot begin to express my joy that football season is over finally! i did my part to try to be supportive about the whole thing. i tired toplay nice......go check insaneasylime to see what happened. grrr....... we now return youto yoru regularly scheduled, non-football programming

logo said...

OK, the hometown team made it to the superbowl so I had a brief flirtation with being a football fan, and what happens?
I watch blind referees call a game.
Who knew football was such a subjective sport?

Anonymous said...

Bro - Speaking of brokeback mtn, what about the streaker ad? sweet
and that burger king ah extravaganza would have made colorful lead in to mick's mosh tongue - maybe flip back and forth -commercial, mick's tongue, commercial mick's tongue. flippin- American tastes rock my stomach

me too sad and mad over baaad ref calls (albeit NY Nanceliked the steelers) Had hoped to see great game. surprise pass from indiana? ex-quarterback was intersting but will it keep US LADIES coming back next year - not with that kind of officiating!!!!!! ( Nothing harder on ye powerful Scorpio than being jipped by officials)

Austin of Sundrip Journals said...

you are a sick, sick man. I have never laughed so much through someones blog as I have this one. You are killin me. The Bin Ladan kitty was hilarious too. My roommate thought he might need to call 911 cause I was laughing so hard.

about the stones though, I was told that the rolling stones are proof that drugs and drinking dont kill. you just have to know how to do it right...they obviously know how to do this right.

signed, a golf and tennis fan...sorry, no football for this brokeback gal.