Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic Fever

I didn't update the blog all weekend because I came down with a serious case of Olympic fever. We even watched some of the opening ceremonies, but that was mainly just to laugh at the horrendously silly pageantry. (Italy didn't disappoint there, what with the people robed in white climbing around on ropes- it looked like the Olympics had caught a serious case of the crabs).
Anyhoo, we watched off and on throughout Saturday and all of Sunday (thanks to the blizzard that gave us a foot of snow).

Some random thoughts:
"Bode being Bode" sounds a lot like "Manny being Manny" which is what we New Englanders heard all summer long. I guess that this means that soon Bode will be demanding a trade to the Norwegian team and will start peeing in the Green Monster between innings.

How much would it suck to be Tony Benshoof. The guy leads in the luge with just three contestants left. He could be the first American to win a luge medal ever... then the next guy beats him. Then the next guy beats that guy, then the next guy, yep, beats 'em all. Benshoof goes from 1st to 4th.

Oh-no Apollo! The ad was better than the skating performance!

Shaun "The Flying Tomato" White totally rules.
Gotta run... curling's on.


lime said...

lol@ flying tomato. didn't he look adorable on the medal stand??

lmao@ olympics with a case of crabs.

somewhere in this fortnight is a great idea for a new tattoo....i just know it.

logo said...

I want you to know since you made big deal about the redheaded 'boarder I have been watching for redheaded American Olympians, thanks for getting my hopes up.

barefoot_mistress said...

Oh man, I wanna watch the Olympics...won't someone invite me over? I won't eat all the bean dip, I swear it.....

The Village Idiot said...


Shaun White, the red header boarder, won the gold on Sunday! I hope you saw!

Come on over barefoot and get a tat with me and Lime

Badaunt said...

I regret more than ever that I didn't manage to stay awake for the whole opening ceremony. I hardly saw any of it. Opening ceremonies are for mocking, and I only got to mock a tiny snippet.

Is Bode's name really pronounced 'Body'? That's how the Japanese announcers say it.

Jodes said...


Marti said...

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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