Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Protesting Comics

I read that there are Islamic people all over Europe protesting some comic, and that occasionally the protests are getting violent. I was unable to find the comic's name, but the story has been all over the news so I'll bet you can find it easily.

I say it's about time. These comics have been breeding like rabbits and there are only a handful of them who are actually funny. I watched a show the other night called the Comedians of Comedy Tour and it was the stupidest show I've ever seen. It was these three or four "comedians" who travelled from show to show and we got to watch all the "funny" stuff they do on the tour bus. The title "Comedians of Comedy" is actually the funniest thing about the show. A more accurate title would be "Fat Pathetic Losers on Tour."

I don't know how violently I'd protest those comics, though I would happily kick them in the nuts if it would keep them off the TV. It's made worse by the fact that I'm tired of stand-up comics in general. The massive explosion of them once the Seinfeld Show hit the big time really has produced a glut of people on stage with microphones and wry observational humor that is neither wry nor humorous.

This guy, Brian Posehn, is one of the non-funny comedians to be had on the Comedians of Comedy Tour. If this tour successfully made its way through the U.S. without causing riots, I can't imagine how bad the comic must be that's causing all the trouble in Europe.

After watching that show, I understand how it is that sometimes we can't all just get along. I mean sometimes, there needs to be some nut kicking.

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lime said...

he reminds me of my kid's orthodontist. eewww