Friday, August 19, 2005

Shall We Have A Caption Contest?

-Pleased to Meet You, Little George.
-The Republican Conga Line
-Whattaya Mean Monica Was Busy?
-I know they're here somewhere.
-This Is How We Greet People In My Country
-Ooh Ooh, I'm Next! I'm Next!

Take it from there, readers.


Jodes said...

Oh my!! How interesting! Ok, gotta ask, was it the hula picture that made you call me reggae woman????

Chuck said...

AP Wire,The White House--Security on Air Force One was upgraded this week after reports that Al-Queada had found a way to replace a man's testicle with a grenade. Even the President isn't immune from the pre flight inspection. According to Homeland Security Chief Clancy Wiggum "Our enemy appears ready to bust balls. We must remain vigilant."
The new pre-flight scrotum inspection program is expected to face stiff opposition when it is rolled out to all flights.
Said FAA Chief Richard Hertz "These security measures are nuts. The public is too testy for this type of inspection."

Randi said...

come on ride the train.....god that pic was great!

jasper chen said...


Anonymous said...

Being the coolest guy on the planet, when I say you have a knack for writing, it's not to be taken lightly! Keep up the great work. Other planetary "cool guys" like myself do actually read these things!

Kind regards,
Sam Freedom
The Coolest Guy on the Planet

Anonymous said...

I saw your Blog, not a bad job at all. I'm trying to put one together about VietNam, Agent Orange it has to do with non-hodgkin's lymphoma , and things of that nature. I'm new at this so don't expect too much !

Y.C. Tape said...

There is a joke out there about an elderly woman that bets a banker $25,000 that he has square balls. The banker takes her up on it. After a night of carefully inspecting his balls, he feel confident that he will win the bet. The next day, the old woman and her lawyer come to make good on the bet. After all of the particulars have been met, the woman asks if she can see the equipment. The very self assured banker obliges her without pause, and the woman proceeds to handle the aforementioned. The lawyer proceeds to bang his head on the wall repeatedly. The banker is perplexed and asks why the lawyer is upset. The lawyer replys that the woman just bet him $100,000 that she could get the banker to drop his pants and handle the family jewels.

Does this in any way apply to this picture? I'm just asking.

Pacific College Mom said...

Hey village,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I love what I am seeing on your blog, very funny!

Sarcomical said...

"say, whatcha...whatcha doin' down there buddy?"

Justine said...

Ooooooh! This is why they call you little George!