Saturday, December 03, 2005

Limbo- The Forbidden Dance

Have ya been reading that there's pressure on the new Pope to outlaw the limbo?

You know, I hate cheesey dances, so a few years ago I would have been all for it. But then we went to Aruba or someplace and saw a show where some old island guy was able to limbo under a stick that was held up only by two coke bottles. That's when I realized that the Limbo is an art form, rather than a dance.

I wonder if maybe they're confusing the Limbo and the Lambada. The Lambada is already "the forbidden dance," so I'm thinking that the Theologians, well known for hating dances (did you see Footloose?), got confuddled. I mean, both dances start with the letter L and all.

Also, though I'm in favor of a lot of legislation barring certain types of dancing, (Hey Macarena!) and I'm especially in favor or legislation that would ban cheesey wedding disc jockeys from breathing, I think that one performance by one of these island guys would sway even the most curmudgeonly theologian, just like Kevin Bacon did when he rode that tractor straight into the Danger Zone. (Ok, I never actually saw Footloose all the way through, and I think that that song might be from the wrong movie, but you get the idea).

Limbo Artiste in action. How could they ban this?

So there you have it, a semi cogent essay on why the Limbo should be protected. Go ahead, Pope, ban the Lambada! Please Pope, ban the Macarena and the cheesey wedding DJs, but leave us our limbo. I see no harm in it, so let it be!

Well, unless of course you get so caught up in limbo fever you forget you're not wearing underwear.


TiffaneyC said...

Your site is very kewl by the way, and good lord take the macerana!! What smacktard decided limbo was dirty? It's not like God and Moses didn't enjoy a little limbo now ana again, you know between creating universe and parting red seas and all!!

Kyahgirl said...

Let us start a new movement, to preserve the Limbo and eradicate all cheesy wedding dances. (Please include The Chicken Dance in your petition!)

Laughing at that last photo! I can't imagine how many bottles of tequila I'd have to quaff back to wear something that short without undies, let alone to try the limbo in it! Yikes.

Ariella said...

Every limbo boy and girl
All around the world
Gonna do the limbo all around the limbo clock...
Here is an interesting lil blog by Pope Joe.

word veri~ pudce
Does that refer to that last pic?

the_mrs said...

Other songs to add to the ban list:

Hokey Pokey
Chicken Dance
The Running Man

I can't believe that shot of the girl! You don't "forget" to put on underwear, you know ;)

Wiccachicky said...

Amen on cheesy wedding disc jockies!!! They suck.

Churches are just silly sometimes. I've learned to take them with a grain of salt. Or two.

lime said...

btw, the limbo was invented in trinidad:D

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

I'm in agreement with you Village Idiot. Leave the limbo alone, and ban the other dumb dances you've listed. Oh, and the cheesy wedding reception DJ's.