Sunday, December 04, 2005

slang most fly

I had so much fun learning all the weird things that brought people here that I've been checking more regularly. Here's the latest list.

I seem to be everyone's new expert on puppies:
delivering letter of puppies
stuffed puppies little hat
can puppies get constipated?
why do puppies fart so much?
picture of puppies helping baby stand
puppies hoo need a home
celebrity puppies
pictures of puppies coming out of the butt
pictures of puppies playing with a coke bottle
kicked puppies
allison krauss puppies dress
puppies gas
puppies gas smell

I also seem to be an expert on idiotry:
you are an idiot
village idiot pics
idiot boyfriend ringtone
idiot athlete
idiot likes my sandwich
idiot picture
village idiot
jim rome
jim rome is an idiot
jim rome and jim everett video
jim everett fight

I seem to have also tapped into a weird cult of people who like Pam Oliver:
pam oliver pics
pam oliver pics nude
pam oliver nude
pam oliver - big butt
pam oliver makes me happy

These kind of defy categorization:
slevin's bus hire
slang most fly
borat, ali g, ringtone
kicked in the groin pointy shoes
picture of man's butt crack
winnacunnet nude
man glued to toilet seat picture
debra lafave nude
ronnie van zant
inhuman fart
mailbox prank shoot
lofa tatupu at thanksgiving
ali g harvard commencement speech
big pecker
cow mating
jetsons nascar jacket
katie couric hat thanksgiving pictures 2005
Katie Couric 2005 Thanksgiving Hat
katie couric nude
p diddle shoes

There you go. Search on!


Wiccachicky said...

LOL - I HAVE to do my Friday Find Me this week. I have a few doozies, but certainly not as many as you!

Anonymous said...

buncha asshats!
tee hee
now people looking for "asshat" are going to find you too`!

lime said...

that is mindbogglingly weird

RedWolf said...

People search on the weirdest things. By the way, since your comments on my blog a few months ago, I'm now the hot spot for people searching for nude Ty Pennington photos...of which my site has none. People still look high and low for them on a daily basis.

Greg said...

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