Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What's next? The Annoying Porcupine?

The news story about the penguin missing from a zoo in the U.K. is certainly sad, but on the bright side it introduced me to my new favorite species:

Ladies and Gents, allow me to introduce Spheniscus demersus, more commonly known as the Jackass Penguin. I know, I know, you think I'm making up the name, but no. Go here and learn. It's as if a previous incarnation of the Village Idiot had thunk up the name.

As an homage to my new favorite bird, I offer up the following joke, one of the world's greatest dumb jokes, and one of the few good jokes about penguins. To make it even better, I offer it to you as told by talking chimps. Really, how much better could this blog be? Click here for the Penguin Joke, and have your speakers on.

On an interesting side note, I first saw the video above at work. A colleague gave me a disc full of company pictures for a project I was working on, but in fact, it only said it was a disc of company pictures. Instead were videos entitled Farting Preacher 3, BarMonkey, and HardJeopardy. He'd burned the disc to take home and accidently passed it on to me. There's a lesson there somewhere I'm sure, but for now, enjoy a good laugh. I sure did, for a couple of different reasons, when he gave me that disc.


Blither said...

Whoa.. Only happens to you Idiot. Really.. Only to you.

Sassy said...

LOL thanks for the laughs this morning. ;) Merry Christmas!

Marti said...

OK, (sniffle) I'll be brave and try not to cry (snuffles mightily)

I see I am not listed (don't weep out loud Marti, it's annoying) on your blogroll anymore.

~Weeps uncontrollably~

(sniffle) Why hast thou forsaken me? And at Christmas time? The hap-hap-happiest time of year?

~Blows nose~

I'll leave now, (dabs eyes)
i ju-ju-just don't understand....

All is lost (kicks tree with disgust...wanders off babbling...)

The Village Idiot said...

the idiot apologizes, but in this case he's been framed. being an idiot, he's never actually figured out how to do a blogroll and thus has never actually had one, so he's not deleted or erased anyone. He does also add that some day, when he's less lazy, he'll update the links on the right so that they reflect the blog friends he's made in the many months since he first made that list.

The Idiot's Legal Team

lime said...

oh man, those videos were a stitich. i guess i am easily amused.

M-I-B-W-L-I-C said...

The VIBIL(CA) has actually seen Jackass Penguins in the wild. They're very common on the west coast of So. Africa. In my time sailing off of Cape Town these damn birds were everywhere.

The little bastards bray wildly and sound somewhat like a jackass, hence the name.

They also mean you're sailing in pretty cold water. After time in Durban, where it was always HOT, this was somewhat of a shock. In pictures of me from Cape Town it's hard to see more than my nose and eyes -- I bundled up. A lot.

Fall in the water near Durban, get eaten by a shark (mostly raggies). Fall in near Cape Town and you might be pecked to death by a penguin, fall prey to hypothermia, or get eaten by a Great White Shark. Rule #1: ALWAYS stay in the boat!