Monday, December 12, 2005

Livin' On the Edge- Bars #14-16

Regular reader Coastal Cutie suggested the other day that I need to get a life besides this blog. I know she was only joking, but I decided that she was right.
Right after I read her words, I took the pocket protector out of my pocket and spent the rest of the day livin' on the edge with my pens in my shirt pocket without a pocket protector! It was so thrilling!
Invigorated, I even went to three bars in my quest to reach 100.

14. JD's Tavern, Manchester, NH- Nice bar in a hotel. I had a Guinness

15. Strange Brew Tavern, Manchester, NH- Very cool little bar with a live band, good food and an antique Harley in the corner. (There's even a sign outside that says bikers are welcome but that they shouldn't wear their colors). I had several Guinnesses. My friends decided that they've heard enough live music lately so we left when the band started. I was ok with that, since the thrill of spending all that time with no pocket protector had pretty much caught up with me by then.

16. JW Hill's Sports Bar and Grille, Manchester, NH- Nice bar that was almost empty by the time we got there. I had a couple more Guinnesses and tried to watch football, poker, and the Celtics all at the same time, as they have mutiple side by side tv's. I was pretty sure it would cause my head to explode, and was reassured when my friend said that if that happened he'd call Mrs. Idiot to come claim the body as soon as he got home, if he remembered.

So there you have it. Idiot running wild and on the loose. Who knows what kind of madness will follow! I purposely chose an extremely ugly tie today to show what a rebel I am. Maybe tonight I'll get a tattoo or go see a rock and roll concert.

Rock On,
Idiot Without a Cause


Weary Hag said...

No pocket protector - and you lived to tell about it. Amazing! How did you do it?
I thought I'd try living on the edge some years back and went commando for a day. I was a new person I tell ya. Still, feeling rather detached from myself, I returned to normalcy and now just reflect fondly from time to time on the freedom and rebellion of that marvelous day.
It ain't easy being on the edge.

Sassy said...

To quote one of my favorite movies... "Damn the man! Save the Empire!" You show those damn authority figures who's the boss. Go get 'em. ;)

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Good start on risk taking Village Idiot! :-)

The first thing I did when I married husband number 2 was throw out all his pocket protectors. (and then ended up buying more shirts thanks to all the ink marks...Oh well ;-)

Congrats. on adding THREE more bars to this list! You Wild Man!


Ariella said...

He's an idiot on the edge!
And the side by side TVs might cause seizures but I am pretty sure actual head explosions are extremely rare.
You and your ugly tie take on the world!

Pacific College Mom said...

I inspired wildness... My life is complete!

Your devoted slave.

Jodes said...

get a tattoo!!!!

the_mrs said...

Goodness, SLOW DOWN! You're too close to the edge, my friend. Pull in the reigns a little...;)