Thursday, January 19, 2006

HNT- A Different Sorta Oops

The Blogger known as Lime was nice enough to give me a gift certificate to get a tattoo of Margaret Thatcher to go with the tattoo I have of Henry Kissinger.

Well, of course I had to go drinkin' before I got the tattoo, and by the time I got to Dave's Awesome House of Tats, I couldn't remember the name "Margaret Thatcher."
Dave and I settled in to drink some more, figuring it would come to us through the sheer wonder of alcohol. We were armed only with the knowledge that I was supposed to get a British person tattooed to my arm and that I was sponsored by Lime.

Of course we spent most of the time saying stupid things to each other in horrible British accents, and ending all our sentences with "Old Chap" and "Old Bean," which is exactly how I ended up with a tattoo not of Margaret Thatcher, but of Mr. Bean.

So, Lime, there ya go. Never send an unattended Idiot on important errands.

If y'all want the scoop on this HNT thing, click on the thingy.


Faustina said...

lol Bean, that is so funny. He is great. Nice pic - happy HNT

Wenchy said...

That's funny!

Sassy said...

Yeah Mr. Bean!!! :) Happy HNT!

Logophile said...

She is going to be so disappointed in you
But I say, nice tat, old chap!
Happy HNT

lime said...

OMG!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! you are tooo friggin much!!! in spite of the fact that i gave youthe certificate for maggie thatcher and yougot bean instead i love it. i'm just glad it wasn't the queen's name you blurted out.

gees, i gotta pick myself up fromthe floor now, fell over laughing so hard. who loves ya baby! gads, you made my day!

Happy HNT!

me said...

Too funny. Haven't seen Mr. Bean in way too long! Happy HNT!

bsoholic said...

LOL - great tat, old chap!

Happy HNT

SignGurl said...

Is it wrong that I think Mr. Bean is hot?

Happy HNT!

barefoot_mistress said...

You are just a nutcase! happy HNT

AndyT13 said...

Brilliant as always Idiot. HHNT!

Avery's mom said...

are you serious? you have MR. Bean tattooed on your arm?
I love him but your a nut! lol
and I have to agree with signgurl..Mr. bean IS hot
Happy HNT

MamaKBear said...

LOL too funny!

Happy HNT! :)

the_mrs said...

I have that same tattoo on my butt! Hurt like crazy, too.

Happy HNT!

Lee Ann said...

so funny! Happy HNT!

Gabby said...

Thats so funny!

Happy HNT!

Jacopo Belbo said...

Very funny!

FunkyB said...

I'm a huge Rowan fan -- you know, I might like him enough to do that for REAL! But maybe on my ass --


David said...

That is par for the it.

Happy HNT!