Monday, January 30, 2006

The Vidiot Strikes Back

You may have noticed that my normal torrent of drivel has slowed to a stream. As many of you could tell, I ran out of good jokes in June and milked the material I had left until December, which left precious little to say in January.

Now, it will get worse because of all the good TV coming up.

Right now we've got the Winter X Games. There isn't any better television fare than watching these kids fling themselves about. It's like watching monkeys on crack.

Then, Survivor returns.
Then, the Superbowl.
Then, the idiot TV Feast that is The Winter Olympics.
Then, in March, the Sopranos and Deadwood start up.

I may start running re-runs of other people's blogs here.


lime said...

gees, so how much is this likely to cost me in tattoo shop gift certificates just to keep the humor in ink flowing at least???

Jodes said...

nothing wrong with talkin bout tv....i love tv.

Blither said...

Heh.. Umm.. I suggest Mimmicking the other Idiot just to annoy him :) Let see how long that last.

Lisa said...

In a dry spell, I always pull the, "if you haven't seen it, it's new to you" crap.

logo said...

Get that research dept cranking, man, sheesh. What good is a crack imaginary research team that makes stuff up if they can't help you through a blogging dry spell?

oregoncelticlady said...

Don't forget THE BACHELOR hehehehe! You have been tagged! Come visit!