Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bar #13

In all the excitement, I forgot.
Last week after the Sox game, we went to bar #13 in my quest to reach 100 before I die.

13. Longhorn Steakhouse, Boston
Yes, I know it's a restaurant, but we stood in the bar part and didn't eat, ok?

While we were in there, a phalanx of Boston cops dressed in riot gear marched by. (Boston had deployed over 800 policemen to keep the peace during the NY series).

It was pretty awesome to see them march by in formation like that, though kinda surreal to see them marching in an American street.

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Jodes said...

WOW, I am reading this book called The Last Jihad by Joel Rosenberg, this post makes me think of that book. Check it out, I will have a post about it soon, I always do a post on the books I read.