Sunday, October 09, 2005

Saturday I'm Running Wild....

Last night, Mrs. Idiot and I went to see David Gray perform at the Agganis Center in Boston. It was an awesome concert.

Several years ago, my friend Tito said I should listen to David Gray. A few days later, I happened to be wandering around in a music store killing time, waiting for Mrs. Idiot or The Teen to finish shopping, and I happened to remember Tito's suggestion. I bought White Ladder, and the rest is history. (If you don't have this album, click on the picture and buy it. It's one of my all-time favorites).

Tito had mentioned that David Gray is "spastic" in concert. "He's like a spaz, you know?" he said. English is not Tito's first language, (it's not even his third language), so I nodded and smiled like I do when I don't understand what someone is saying.

Now I know.

In the middle of the first song, Mrs. Idiot leaned over and said "OOOooh Look! He's got a big roly-poly head!" which is exactly how one should correctly describe David Gray's stage presence: he has a big roly-poly head and it waggles and wobbles all over the place when he'd not using it to sing. Other moves he busts include the "jimmy leg" which bounces up and down when he's playing piano and guitar, and the "I'm four years old and almost have rhythm" dance, which he breaks into at odd moments.

In short, the man is a complete spaz on stage, but his songs are terrific, his voice is strong and soulfull and his musicianship is excellent. Tito pretty much nailed it, despite the language barriers.

In another happy note, he closed the show with his biggest song, Babylon, which we had heard that he refuses to play in concert. Either he's made peace with the song, or we were such an appreciative crowd he decided to give us a treat.

The Setlist:
1. Nos da Cariad
2. Please Forgive Me
3. The One I Love
4. Lately
5. Slow Motion
6. Now & Always
7. Sail Away
8. This Year's Love
9. Long Distance Call
10. Hospital Food
11. Alibi
12. Disappearing World
13. Freedom
14. Silver Lining
15. The Other Side
16. Baltimore
17. Aint No Love
18. Babylon

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