Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Pumpkin Fun

We got one of those "PumpkinMaster" kits to carve pumpkins with this year. Mrs. Idiot totally rocked with it, producing the cat you see here:

Pretty Cool, eh?
You'll be relieved to hear that though she didn't wear safety shoes or gloves for this project either, she emereged unscathed and her manicure still looks fabulous.

Naturally, being an Idiot, I had to try carving pumpkins the "PumpkinMaster Way."
Normally when I undertake a project, especially an artistic one, it results in something close to what they must have been thinking of when they coined the phrase "catastrophic system failure." This time, however, I started the project BEFORE I started drinking, which might account for why my pumpkin turned out well:

Here it is in daylight:

But even better, here it is at night:

Exactly! I can't believe an idiot did that either!

To top all of us, though, The Younger One and Her Chum got hold of the pumkin kit and decided to "freestyle" their pumpkin. We're not exactly sure what this is supposed to be;

But, at night, it certainly does look kinda cool!

Our town did Halloween on the 30th, and not counting The Younger One and Her Chum, who came back several times because we were giving out Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, we had only five Trick or Treaters this year. Next year I'm thinking block party...


Marti said...

Hey you did great!

I like the littleun's "freestyle" LOL

Jodes said...

very good job!! Mine did not turn out as well. I will try to take a pic of it too.....Morticia

Marti said...

Wishing everyone on my blogroll a boo-tiful day! LOL!

Happy Halloween!

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

All your pumpkin creations are FANTASTIC! The Younger One did a wonderfully creative job, freeshylin' it!:-)
Kudos to the Village Idiot Family! Well done.


The Village Idiot said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! Like I said, it's rare that I do something right, so keep the accolades coming....

The idiot

barefoot_mistress said...

Those are awesome! Did you know theres yet another village idiot? No, Im not talking about W! :P
Happy Halloween!

The Village Idiot said...

how about you be the east coast idiot and i be the west coast idiot?

Ariella said...

Surely the blogosphere is big enough for two idiots.
And yeah, that's right, I called ya Shirley, wanna make sommat of it?

I like the punkins, good job!

Laura said...

These are great!!!!
Happy Halloween!

Red Wolf said...

Brilliant! Looks like you're raising the next Picasso. You might want to try to sell the littleun's pumpkin to the art museum of modern art before it rots. They seem to pay loads for these abstract types.

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

Wow I was very much impressed by both Mrs. idiot as well as your pumpkin. Great job both of you.

The Lumpy

barefoot_mistress said...

Your blog is hilarious!!! And yes, there ARE indeed two idiots!

The Village Idiot said...

Awww, shucks. y'all are too kind...

Theresa said...

5 trick-or-treaters? That's it? My oldest two handed out a whopping 9 pounds of candy!

Loved all of the pumpkins! Great job!

Pacific College Mom said...

Hey what a great Job, little idiot! You are a really great carver.

Oh yeah, dad, you did good too!

I need to take up drinking again, so I can use that as an excuse why I don't do things that I used to... which frankly is a whole damned lot, but old age is my ususal excuse. That is just totally boring.

Love your blog.


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