Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lumber Jill

Mrs. Idiot is not exactly what we'd call "Outdoorsy".
In fact, much of our life here in New Hampshire reads like something right out of Green Acres.
You know:

"Fresh Air!" "Times Square!"

We finally got a beautiful day here in the Granite State, and I took advantage of it to get outside and get some wood cut, split and stacked. You can imagine how thrilled I was when my wife came out to help!

Then I saw Lumber Jill's outfit:

Note the footgear. Anyone who's willing work around chainsaws and splitting mauls wearing sandals has to be one baaaad mutha. (shut yo mouth!) Between the sandals and the velour track suit, it was like J-Lo had come out to work the woodpile.

Note also the perfect manicure:

Maintaining the integrity of the perfect manicure slowed the stacking process considerably, but, in the end, much wood was stacked and Mrs. Idiot's nails remained in their original spectacular condition.

Though she still gets allergic smelling hay, Mrs. Idiot is getting to be pretty good at life out of the 'burbs.


The Villiage Idiot Brother In-Law said...

None of us, least of all those who actually know you, would ever believe that you looki anything like Eddie Albert.

Mrs. Lawyer, Esq. wearing a velour track suit -- Yikes that's scary! That's not the fashion princess I grew up with. (Ask her about Xmas gift clothing and Turkeyfoot Jr. high cliques) Chez Idiot sure has fully embraced the halloween.

The Village Idiot said...

I am a dead ringer for Eddie Albert, and not just around Halloween.

For fear of saying somthing wrong, even thought that is far from my intent, I shall refrain from making ANY public (or private) comment about my wife's wardrobe, clothing, taste, fabric swatches, past lives, past lives wardrobes, or any combination of the above I might have missed, other than to say she looks great.

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