Sunday, October 23, 2005

Some Videos for Monday

What better way to start the week than to waste some company time watching dumb videos?

Here you go:

Stick Fight (why is it funny when people get smacked in the head?)

Hot Mirror (yeah, they're idiots too).

Honest Machine and another of a similar theme

Redneck Recycling (Did you know that the last words of an alarming number of rednecks are "Hey y'all, watch this!"?)

Covered Wagon (yeah, speakers help) But they're a must for this one.

Too Much Gas- This is a different kind of gas, still a moron involved though..

Skateboarding Mishap- The slow-mo is especially painful.

Happy Doughboy. Yeah, um, this is absolutely awful.


Hänni said...

HAHA. Stick fight is the best. Gosh! Idiots!

Justine said...

The pooping doughboy made me laugh so hard I almost had an accident of my own!

The Village Idiot said...

Stick fight is a riot, why does it make me laugh whenever people get hit in the head?

Justine- if you have that on video i'll post it on the blog! :)

the idiot