Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Even the skies are sorry to see the 2005 season end for the Red Sox.

Speaking for myself as a life-long Red Sox fan, I'm just pleased that they made it to the playoffs. The pitching staff was beset by injury, plague, and even a baseball off the noggin of Matt Clement. (Mike Timlin is one of the few people in America to have made more appearances than Ben Stiller). It was a fun season to watch and it will be interesting to see who comes back next year.

So, with that said. Watch out next year, and Go ( insert name of anyone who beats the F$#@@ Yankees)!


Hänni said...

Hello idiot.

I don't know too much about sports, but what I do know is... tag, you're it! Proceed to the haus for your instructions.

Hänni said...

Woops proceed to hannihaus (not old haus please)