Tuesday, November 01, 2005

ALL Saints Day

This is a busy week for me. As you know, being the Global Village Idiot, I try to observe as many faiths as I can. I was still recovering from all the fun of our annual Ramadan Party, then up snuck Halloween and then BAM!, the triple whammy of All Saints Day, Diwali, and Día de Muertos. Thank goodness that the holidays coming up, Id al-Fitr, All Souls Day, and the birthday of Guru Nauk Dev Sahib are all pretty mellow so I can get my heart rate back down!

So I was sitting in Catholic mass today for All Saints Day, enjoying the reprieve from all the ululating, wailing and keening I've been doing for Ramadan, when it hit me that the Catholic Church isn't doing a very good job of getting their Saints out into the mainstream.

I mean sure, we can all name a few of them, but once you get beyond the obvious ones: St. John, St. Peter, Hey Jude, Saint Paul (better known as Minneapolis), Susan Saint James, Mount Saint Helens, Saint Elsewhere and Archie Manning, most people are at a loss to name other Saints, and there are at least 10,000 of them.

I thought I'd get the word out about a couple of my favorite Saints as my small offering of service in honor of All Saints Day. (Which, as I understand it, is the reason we have a Halloween!)

Here we go:
Fiacre-Patron Saint of Gardeners, Paris Cab Drivers, box makers, hemmorhoids, venerial disease and florists.

Tebucky Jones- is actually an ex-Saint, now a Dolphin. Led the Saints in tackles last year. I have a replica of his old Patriot jersey because they go on sale right after the player gets traded.

Eligius of Noyon- Patron Saint of coin collectors, farriers, gas station workers, numismatics, jockeys, jewelers and knife makers.

Drogo- Patron Saint of unattractive people, hernias, ruptures, insanity, dumbness, and coffee house owners

So there you have it, another valuable cultural lesson from Kicked Puppies.


Ariella said...

I feel my wisdom increasing, thank you, oh great east coast idiot, for this enlightenment.
What would we villagers do without you?

CatPants said...

Fabulous. Just fabulous. AND you provided pictures too, so should I see any of the aforementioned Saints out and about I can tackle them and venerate them properly. :-D Good times! Great blog, by the way.

Badaunt said...

You missed St Francis of a See-Saw, the saint of ups and downs.

The Village Idiot said...

Damn! I knew I was leaving someone out!

Thanks for the kind words Catpants and Ariella!