Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bandit or Scurvy?

Here's an informal poll.

The dog pictured above was named "Bandit" by its owner.
The owner's significant other was puching for "Scurvy".

What do the readers think?


Ariella said...

In Portuguese the only acceptable names would be querida, or bonita.
Bandit is ok,
Scurvy is definitely out.
I do like Kitty though...

Anonymous said...

Scurvy, how could it be anything else?

Anonymous said...

Querida ("dear" "desired one") [usually said in an amorous way -- how sick would you have to be to use that name with a puppy!]

Bonita ("Pretty")

Would also qualify as Spanish.

Perhaps the two simpletons in question could compromise on BonitO - a cross between Bonita and a tuna-like fish?

I want to hear more about Harry and the Sith....

The Villiage Idiot Brother In-Law said...

I'm curious, what was I doing when I was "puching":

1) Putsching -- was I sitting in a German beerhall plotting to overthrow the Republic?

2) Puking -- after too much beer while putsching?

3) Advocating, I mean Pushing...

I'm voting for Scurvy, of course!


The Villiage Idiot Brother In-Law said...

'Janice' is Canadian, home of the 1 dollar coin known as the Loonie (because it has a Loon on it -- our northern neighboors are so clever sometimes.)

The pup was being a bit crazy today, pups are typically, and she ('Janice', not the pup -- thankfully) said the pup was being looney.

So, should we compromise (after all, I'm a lover not a fighter...) and name the dog "Loonie?

It's not quite as silly as naming the dog after a fish..crazy Portuguese! (Although I must confess that I find the mournful sounds of Fado to be very appropriate sometimes

It's acompromise so neither of us is thrilled by it.....

The Village Idiot said...

Puching was th closest i could get to "pushing". It was reasonably early and I was up late last night working on my million beers.

Did I miss something? Why is this a spanish themed dog again?

If it's gotta be spanish, and you like the "bandit" theme, you shoule name it Kelly Leach*

*That may be the most brilliant quip i've ever quipped.

the idiot

Justine said...

that's definitely a bandit,

i'll be your hodgi, btw.
do i need to send pictures for that too? I have a jeannie costume...


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

He looks like a Scurvy...Not so much a Bandit. (Scurvy is cute, and orginial)


30Something said...

Scurvy... without a doubt.

Jodes said...

not scurvy!!! ECK

Bearette24 said...


And I like your blog, but you need to call it something other than Kicked Puppies!! I love puppies.

Anonymous said...

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