Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ostrich Fever: Bringing Da Pain

Ostrich on loose tramples car in bid for freedom

NICOSIA (Reuters) - A runaway ostrich that eluded police caused severe damage when it attacked a Mercedes car during a three-hour rampage.

You know I published this primarily because it's so rare that you get to see the word "ostrich" in the same sentence with "rampage"

"Somehow it got out of its pen. We sent two patrols after it, but in the meantime it caused some damage to the hood and bumper of a Mercedes before we caught it," a police official in Cyprus said.
The ostrich caused considerable damage when it pounced on the car, The Daily Phileleftheros reported.

Ok, hold it.
The Daily Phileftheros?
That's goofy enough to erase the horrific image of a giant bird "pouncing" on my Mercedes.

Still, despite the fact that they can weigh 600 pounds, can run 70 mph, and apparently have something against German engineering, Ostriches aren't nearly as scary as some other avians in the news. For example:


barefoot_mistress said...

Actually, that happened on the Golden gate Bridge recently...a firend of mine had purchased an ostrich in the city, and while transporting it home, it kicked its way out the back window of the van and was running around on the bridge! Talk about a major traffic jam!!!

logo said...

Good lord, who would have thought ostrichs were such a traffic hazard?
But that Big Bird pic is far more disturbing, I bet he was on his way to Tinky Winky's place for some crazy gay partyin'.

BadGod said...

What was/is Big Bird?

The Village Idiot said...

OMG, Bigbird was a character on Sesame Street, the biggest kids show ever!

based om the picture, logo, I suspect that BB was going to kick winky's butt, if anything

Barefoot- I can't imagine actually knowing someone that that happened to. You win the "friend of the day" award.

Blither said...


Wiccachicky said...

Holy crap that's funny! I'm not sure what I'd do if an ostrich on a rampage made out for me...or if Big Bird flipped me off. I might think I was high or something...