Thursday, November 03, 2005

Party in the Hole

Last spring, Mrs. Idiot and I went to see Government Mule at what some might call a "smaller venue" here in New Hampshire. I bought the tickets online, and ever since then I've been getting e-mail about new shows coming to the area.

At first I thought it was amusing to see all the acts that were coming to that particular venue. I mean, when was the last time you even thought about Huey Lewis or Winger, let alone thought about going to see them?

Eventually, the amusement factor wore down to the nub, and I clicked the link to unsubscribe. Cool, done deal, no more e-mail telling me about bands coming to the Seacoast. The next month, I got an e-mail telling me about all the shows coming to that venue as well as other similar venues. Yeah, ok, that kept my interest for a few issues, then I opted out.

Months have passed and I've gone through this same "unsubscribe" charade at least a half dozen times. I'll click "unsubscribe" to the People Playing Guitars around the Seacoast Newsletter and then boom, the next week I'm receiving the People Playing Bass Guitars and Other Instruments around New England newsletter. The information is all the same, it's just the scope that changes.

Today's installment of the Men (and some women) in Concert Around New England Newsletter, (I've recently unsubscribed), told me about concerts here in New Hampshire as well as in some of the other fine states in New England. The thing that caught my eye was that there's an arena in Rhode Island called The Dunkin Donuts Center.

I'm not making that up, here's the banner from their website:

Yes, it's true, they call themselves "The Dunk"

Now, I'm a big Dunkin Donuts fan. They can do no wrong in my eyes, (as long as they keep producing that coffee), but here's the thing: A "Donut Center" is actually a "Hole"


For those of you who like circles and arrows:

The Center of a Dunkin Donut is a hole, thus, I think, the "Dunkin Donuts Center" is a poor name for a concert arena, unless you actually want people to think of it as "The Hole". It is certainly not "The Dunk."

Now, if it's a Jelly Donut, the center would be Jelly, which probably has terrible acoustics, so I wouldn't go see a concert at "The Jelly" either. The same with the "Cream Filled" be it Bavarian Creme or even Boston Creme.

In the end, I know it doesn't matter, but I have enough trouble talking Mrs Idiot into going to see shows at Dives, I'm pretty sure she won't go with me to a Hole. Meanwhile, if anyone wants to know about concerts coming to the Northeastern United States, I can check my e-mail and get that information to you.


barefoot_mistress said...

Mmnnnnn I love donuts! Thanks for visiting my blog, wheres your HNT?
Happy HNT to you!

Justine said...

yeah! we want a half nekked idiot!

Based on your farting posts from a month or so ago, I was expecting an entirely different sort of post when you were talking about "concerts from the hole"


Ariella said...

I wonder if Hole with do a reunion tour at "The Hole"
snicker snicker
Good stuff

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

Wow. You must have much better quality dunken donuts out by you. Around here they're invariably dirty run down joints. And yet I still remember walking from college about 9 miles at night with two friends to a local dunkin donuts to enjoy their fare. There is some kind of weird psychological draw going on there.

The Lumpy

Tan Lucy Pez said...

LOL on your post. Very well done.

Also LOL on the "hole" arena, and ALL the newly named arenas in the U.S. There's one in a town about 40 minutes away from me called "Clipper Magazine" stadium. The Clipper Magazine is one of those free all-advertizing rags that you get in the mail and throw away immediately without looking at it.

The Village Idiot said...

Being An Idiot...i got lost at the donut.....

The Village Idiot said...

Dude, go back and look maybe I am shoring up the reputation of Idiots the world over yet again...

Or...maybe not

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

LMAO @ the title! Just can't quit giggling over the title...(Sorry)


The Village Idiot said...

ok, first of all, there will be no East Coast Idiot Nekkid Thursday appearances. Mrs Idiot spent years trying to break me of my tendency to moon people and would be very disappointed if I backslid.

Thank you all for the kind words concerning our perfoming hole. Of course we're proud of it.

Lumpy- New England is like ground zero for Dunkin Donuts, as you get further from the center you take your chances with quality, though the coffee is always good.

3T- don't be sorry for laughing at this blog, ever. I laugh at it a lot, mostly because if I didn't laugh at my pathetic little life here, i'd cry!

Have an awesome weekend everyone, and thanks for reading!
The OI
(original Idiot)

Pacific College Mom said...

Dearest Idiot,
Life is tooooooo short not to laugh, and you keep me going all the time. Thanks for your continued comments.

You are the one that rocks!

PCM the college mom

Mama Duck said...

I was going to comment on the hole (tee hee), but then I saw that Justine said you had a post on farting and I got all excited and forgot what I was gong to say.

Farts are funny.

The Village Idiot said...

coastal cutie- anyone who has a turtle lay an egg and then has a cat pee in her knapsack within the span of a month rocks hard.

mama duck- we had like a whole week of fart stories here at kicked puppies. we don't do much else for fun here at the homestead.

Anonymous said...

Ich bin ein berliner