Thursday, November 10, 2005

Half Nekkid Thursday #1

Ok, here we go. You wanted a half-nekkid idiot...

As a few of you know, I'm running for King of the World. To get there, and then to do a good job when I'm elected, I'll need to surround myself with smart people. Thus, I'm jumping on the Half Nekkid Thursday bandwagon to get the attention of its creator, Osbasso.

I mean here's a guy who managed to get people nekkid, and then get them to go to his blog and tell him they're nekkid. This is a guy I need in my cabinet. Plus, he apparently plays trombone, and there's nothing like a wicked trombone solo in the background while you're planning world conquest.
If you click on the picture above, you'll find that Half-Nekkid Thursday is more about being part of a community of bloggers than about actually getting too nekkid. One of my favorite examples is here from Barefoot Mistress a week or so ago. Of course, 3T used her blog for a gratuitous shot of her magnificent boobies and it wasn't even Half Nekkid Thursday, so you never know what kinda trouble you'll find on the interweb. (When you get there, click on the words "Stumble On" to see them, they're really worth the trip!)

So, with that said, here goes:
a picture of my Blogging Blood Blister:

Ok, so actually I got it splitting wood, but a blogging injury sounds better.

*The Village Idiot condones nekkidness, except in the case of inappropriate nekkidness, which would especially include, of course, his knuckleheaded children. If either of you are viewing this blister right now, avert your eyes immediately, turn off the computer, and then go clean your room, it's probably a mess. I expect you will stay fully dressed, on the internet and otherwise, until you're at least 35, at which time you're free to date, assuming you've already established a career capable of supporting your mother and I. Now go clean your room, I mean it, and no more visiting sleazy websites like this one.


Jodes said...

awesome post!!! LOVE IT!! I want more than a blister though and I think everyone else does too.

Blither said...

Heh.. Tell Jodes.. When she gives us more than feet.. You'll give us more than a blister.

Loved the post! I over use this word.. but here goes again..

Loved it!

Red said...

An ouch-y HNT!

Femi-mommy said...

lol the disclaimer for the kids - i'm gonna ask my kid stays clothed until 20... 35 and never nekkid - that would be a saaaaad life.

snavy said...

LMAO!! Welcome to HNT!! I love the disclaimer!! So, now there are two 1/2 nekkid idiots - which equals one fully naked idiot!! Yay math!!

Happy HNT!!

Wirthy said...

Welcome to HNT!

bsoholic said...

Ouch! Happy 1st HNT!

Furzl said...

In South Africa we would say Eina (ay-nah) which translates to ouch.

Happy HNT

MamaKBear said...

Ouch! I hate getting those!
Love the disclaimer at the end!
Happy HNT!

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

ROFLMAO!!! I LOVE the disclaimer. May I borrow it sometime? Of course giving due credit to King of the World. And hey, thanks for showing off my "boobies." You're going to make a GREAT King!
Ouch! on the blister...But Happy HNT! ;-)


barefoot_mistress said...

Oh Idiot, I didnt know you were an HNT virgin! Happy HNT! Hope the blister heals soon!

Ariella said...

that blood blister is sooooo,
Happy HNT, you rock the idiot world!

Just Some Gal said...

LMAO Ouchie on the blister...

You lost your HNT virginity!!

You can't just stop with this though!! Promise...hehe

Happy HNT!

cinders said...

Do I have to be the one to make the "splitting wood" blister comment?

Ok, I won't say it.

Lee Ann said...

Owie! Does it hurt? Happy HNT!

Tammy said...

Yea, I think the blogging story sounds much better!!

Happy HNT!

The Village Idiot said...

You people are all the best!
Thank you for welcoming me into the HNT world. (Also, thanks for not minding, Barefoot and 3T, that I used you as examples!)

I will of course be ramping up to this slowly, for as I said, I'm still in my 12 step program to get me out of my mooning phase (1979-2001)

Cindy, you should know I actually snorted at your comment.

Happy HNT all,
the idiot

lime said...

omg! lmao@ the warning posted to yoru children. that made it soooo worth the trip.. thanks for stopping by my place. happy HNT!

addict said...

I rather like the idea of a blogging injury!

Scott & Julia said...

Awesome! Welcome to the HNT madness!

Spinning Girl said...

Cute idea & great text! Happy HNT to you. Try my HNT picture again; you might see better if you click on it.

mg said...

Awesome! *laughs*

Happy *belated* hnt


Badaunt said...

How did you know my room is a mess? Have you been peeking? I'm all nervous, now, and afraid to pick my nose in case you catch me at it.