Friday, November 18, 2005

Jim Rome- The Quintessential Assbag

I'm pretty sure that I had the Avian Flu on Monday, so rather than my usual bouncing around the house routine, I hit the couch after work. While on the couch, I had the TV tuned to ESPN. For those of you who haven't had to suffer through ESPN's afternoon programming lately, here's a quick rundown, in reverse order:

6:00- SportsCenter- This is the best show on TV.
5:30- Pardon the Interruption- Not a bad show, two fairly likeable sportswriters talk about the sports "news" of the day.
5:00- Around the Horn- A crappy show. Four sportswriters and an annoyingly "hip" host sit around and talk about the sports "news" of the day.
4:30- Jim Rome is Burning- A Craptacular Spectacle of Non-Talent meeting Non-News. The incredibly arrogant and stupendously monotone Jim Rome gives his opinion on sports "news", occasionally interviews players, and mostly just shows off how many "hip" words his writers can get into his monologues. This guy is a world class tool.

Jim Rome- He looks like
Evil PeeWee don'tcha think?

I long for the crappy programming that ESPN used to have. They used to show Australian Rules Football matches and soccer from countries I'd never heard of. I've been tiring of their increasingly everpresent "celebrity sportswriter" shows, but making us watch Jim Rome is the last straw. If they must keep him, then 4:30 is a great time, because I almost never watch TV then.

As I was laying there on the couch listening to his monotonous monotone, I thought I remembered that he is the guy who got his ass kicked on television several years ago by an angry quarterback, a thought that made me smile, and one I vowed to research as soon as I recovered my strength.

Today I watched, several times, Jim Rome getting his big yap shut by quarterback Jim Everett. Here's the video, with sound. Rome kept calling Rams quarterback Jim Everett by the name "Chris" because Chris Everett was a female tennis player. Jim Everett went off on Rome, as I think everyone should.

Don't just take my word for it, however, here's what Jim Rome's website has to say about Jim Rome:
Perhaps the most respected voice in the world of sports broadcasting, Jim Rome is the leading opinion-maker of his generation. As host of the nation’s premiere sports radio talk show, Rome is known for his aggressive, informed, rapid-fire dialogue. Jim has established himself as the top choice of athletes and fans when it is time to know what is going on beyond the scoreboard.

Do you believe this guy's ego?

Here's the best part, though, he talks about his fans:
But these are no ordinary listeners; they are a legion of fans known as the clones who live and breath for Jim Rome’s “take” on the day’s larger issues of sport. It is his departure from conventional sports commentary that has resulted in Rome’s unique dialogue with his listeners.

Did you see that?
they are a legion of fans known as the clones who live and breath for Jim Rome’s “take” on the day’s larger issues of sport

Yeah, um, grate jobb, Jimm. Luv Ur Sho, retard.

Please ESPN, bring back Australian Rules football, soccer from the middle of nowhere, or even billiards with fat, sweaty people. Anything except Jim Frickin Rome.


Sassy said...

L.O.L. literally. Back home we used to listen to Jim Rome on sports radio all the time, and I think what I liked about his show was just his deadpan way of broadcasting. Oh, and the fake emails were always funny too. Stuff like, "Dear Terrell, now you know why you were never in any of my Chunky Soup commercials. Signed, Wilma McNabb."

Jenny said...

I knew I'd like you the moment I read the title of this post....;)

I have seen that video clip before---my husband and I were at a restaurant (Rockne's--do they have those where you're from?)--anyways, they were playing the best "TV fights of all time" on their big screen TV at the restaurant, and they showed the Jim Rome clip---my husband yelled "YEEAAHH!!!!!" so loud when Everett shoved was hilarious.

Ok, done taking up space with my boring story. Loved the post. :)

Jodes said...

watch Oprah instead!!

Ariella said...

OK, so I suggest as a way of encouraging a grand finale someone go ahead and see how interesting it would be if Rome really was burning.

That show has never been on longer than three seconds in this house, he has that "far too pleased with myself to be interesting" vibe.

The Village Idiot said...

I just love to use the words "assbag" and "tool".

If only he were less of a tool, I could have called him buttmunch.

Blither said...

heh :) Neat.. Wish I could get into ESPN.. I"ll try I will. Really.

BeckEye said...

Maybe you could just combine those two words together and call him a toolbag. Therefore he becomes much worse than "a tool", he is a whole bag of tools in one. But then you're missing the "ass" part, which may be key.

I remember the first time I saw Jim Rome on TV...I'll admit I stopped for a second and thought, "this guy's kind of hot". Then he opened his mouth and I immediately wanted to kick out the screen. Jim Everett is a hero of many.

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

One of my friends told me about the Jim Everette clip you showed back when it happened. I've been wondering about it ever since. Thanks for finally letting me in on the joke.

The Lumpy

mrsmogul said...

That guy looks plastic!

The Villiage Brother-In-Law said...

Rugby, Aussie Rules Football, Soccer from Nowhere, and (most definitely most importantly)Cricket can all be found on Fox Soccer Channel ("FSC") formerly know as Fox Sports World ("FSW")

It a shame you weren't aware of it -- they carried the Tri-Nations rugbly matches (Australia, New Zealand, So. Africa in a round robin, home and home series) a bit back. Brilliant stuff. Seriously.

Your pyscho brother-in-law

Anonymous said...

Heaven help us from pyscho brother-in-law. although Aussie rule football is rather fun to watch.

Aunt Mary.( to some, others GAM) in hurricane alley.

The Stevo in H-Town said...

The dude wearz thin onya after awhile...Ya ever notice how he sucks-ass to Big-Time celebs?...I have alwayz had mixed emotions 'bout the dude..but somehow seein' Everett make him cower like a little woman in fronta the cameras made me grin pretty wide...He's an asshole.