Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Mailman Cometh

A few weeks ago, the Idiot Fambly went to visit my sainted mother. While there, she brought this new story to my attention because she thought it was the funniest thing she'd read in a while.

CAMDEN - A U.S. Postal Service letter carrier was arrested this week on charges of indecent conduct after he allegedly exposed himself while delivering mail on his rural route. Daniel J. Beverly, 52, of Belfast was arrested Tuesday by Belfast police after Camden police Officer Curt Andrick obtained an arrest warrant on four counts of indecent exposure. Beverly was booked at the Waldo County Jail and released the same night on $100 bail. No court date has been set.
Police Chief Phil Roberts said the department was alerted to Beverly's alleged activities by the Camden post office.The post office informed Andrick that it had received four complaints about Beverly in September and October.All the alleged incidents took place in Camden, Roberts said."He apparently was exposing himself while making his deliveries," Roberts said Friday. "He would drive up to the mailbox and call people over."
Roberts said the Postal Service was aware of the charges and was expected to deal with the matter through internal personnel processes. Attempts to reach the U.S. Postal Service's inspector general's office for comment were unsuccessful Friday.Roberts urged any mail customers who may have experienced such incidents to contact Camden police.

"Can you imagine it?" she said, "here's the mailman, waiting down at the mailbox saying "Yoo-hoo! I Have a Package for you!" Then she'd absolutely howl with laughter.

When she got over that one, she said "He's delivering the MALE!" and off she'd go again into another gale of laughter.

Then, to ice the cake, she went to the window that overlooks the mailbox and showed me her binoculars, "See, I'm ready in case it's a problem that's spreading." And off she went into another fit of laughter.

The family that laughs together.... probably annoys the people at the next table, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Sassy said...

Ah, mothers. Mine told me last night about the colonoscopy (spelling?) that she's getting today. That's a journey I don't want to go on...

Blither said...

Well, I'll Be. As if it isn't hard enough to be in the postal business already. Just the other day I had the postal lady bring a package to the door, but when I tried to open it the door wouldn't budge. I said, "I'm sorry the door won't open and I'm not sure why, just a moment" She replied as if I annoyed her with my obvious stupidity, "I'm holding it shut, Pfft"!


Secure your dog Ma'am!

Err.. Yeah.. Cause I was gonna take the package and THEN let my crippled dog run you done?

Blither said...

down.. not done.

To many apples for breakfast.

Ariella said...

I love your mom, that is some great stuff there.
Between that and her gifts to you, we begin to see how the village idiot ended up this way.
BTW, triv quiz over on my site, come play with us!

lime said...

i think i love your mother! i would be giggling right with her and making awful comments onthe 'male'man's package

Anonymous said...

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have spent time with the "Sainted Mother" will vouch that she has both a wonderful sense of humor and laugh.

Those of us fortunate enough to have spent time with my brother-in-law will vouch the he is the reason his mother is "Sainted". Not the sole reason, (as those of fortunate enough to have spent time with his siblings will vouch) but a big part of the reason.

Fondly thinking of my New England In-law-in-laws,


jane said...

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The Village Idiot said...

You all are the best! I'll bet she read your nice comments that you've made her very happy.

the idiot

Mama Duck said...

You know that poem, "When I'm old I'll wear purple" or something like that? Yeah, well, when I'm older I hope to be a dirty old lady.

Your mom sounds like a blast!!

oregoncelticlady said...

Damn! And all I get are bills, bills, bills! Yeah, I know...your mother would say, "Well, doesn't Bill have a nice one???" tehehehe

Tenderheart said...

lol..very funny

Badaunt said...

Your mother takes after you!

(Or something...)